October 29, 2018 at 11 59 28 AM made a determination on what items are going to be eligible for elevation.

Published 3-17-2019 search group

From: Derrick Speyrer <Derrick.Speyrer@restore-la.org>
Date: October 29, 2018 at 11:59:28 AM CDT
To: jonathan


After a complete review off the list that you submitted on 10/22, we have made a determination on what items are going to be eligible for elevation. Regardless of the height of the finished floor, the following costs would have been incurred and are all included in the 108/sf calculation with 20 % overhead and profit.

  • $980 Foundation Drawings
  • $376 Engineering/Stamp
  • $ Soil Test
  • $ Compaction Test
  • $ Permits
  • $400 Elevation Surveys
  • $400 Slab Survey
  • $8,000 Fill (red clay)
  • $750 Site Clear/First Grading
  • $150 Silt Fence

Elevated Platform for House

  • Total Lumber $29,756
  • Total Labor $14,546

Elevated Service Platform for Condenser

Elevated Service Platform for Main Breaker

Original Foundation Cost/ First Draw for Builder $41,220

Contractor Fee - 20%

The items listed below are considered to be an upgrade, per building code the slab items were not needed to elevate your home. Only thing needed were the footings to do a standard pier and beam home. You decided to build a home with two typical flooring systems (post tension slab and floor joist system).

  • $941.85 Form Setter
  • $1,360.45 Diggers
  • $1,255 Finishers
  • $250 Form Wrecking
  • $1,115.51 Lumber/Mesh/Visqueen
  • $2,457 Cables
  • $920 Pump Truck
  • $7,170 Concrete
  • $1,000 Rebar
  • $2,898 Plumbing in Foundation

Eligible items:

  • $9301 Concrete Columns (material & labor)

[Reminder:Please reframe from using vulgarity towards any employee of the program while you are on the phone or in person.]


Derrick Speyrer
Construction Technical Advisor

Research Resource:

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