Matters Under Review

Matters Under Review (MUR). When victims of disasters question why.

When rules, guidance, process, laws and procedures are put in place that are described as helpful but the victims of the disasters see no help we need to review the rules, the process, the laws and the procedures and question why they are in place. Matters Under Review are issues experience by disaster victims that are specific to rules, laws, guidance, procedures of disaster recovery.

Citizens Proposed SBA Disaster Federal Assistance Declined Solution.

Proposal Date: 8-22-2018
Announcement via: Published Web, Social Media, Email
Title: Homeowner Declined or Canceled SBA Disaster Assistance
Preview 8-22-2018


A. Email to Sen. Kennedy 2-8-2018:

B. Press Release Gov. Edwards 2-8-2018:


  • Elevation for disaster victims, the Data, Math and illogical approach that costs flood victims 5% more.
    Murray Wennerlund

    Elevation Cost Analysis by IEM recommends increasing disaster victims out of pocket costs by more than 5 percent if homeowner selects to use concrete blocks for column supports in lieu of timber poles or wood columns.

  • State of Louisiana OCD-DRU ignores homeowners complaints regarding out of control subcontractor outsourcing
    Writers Pool

    The State of Louisiana, Division of Administration, Office of Community Development, Disaster Recovery Unit OCD-DRU creates uncontrollable subcontractor hiring practices with Innovative Emergency Management, Inc.

  • State of Louisiana Reconstruction Guide from a Homeowners perspective that may end tragically
    Murray Wennerlund

    The state of Louisiana has outsourced nearly all the recovery processes from the 2016 floods that is making every flood victim look over policy not only once, twice, but weekly for any unannounced changes.

  • DENIED BY TASK FORCE And OCD-DRU Director Homeowner Declined or Canceled SBA Disaster Assistance
    Murray Wennerlund

    Its difficult enough recovering from a disaster, but even more difficult when the execute order to establish a task force does not have provisions that the task for research and discuss public input. Denied citizen solutions without discussion.

  • Word has it Louisiana Flood Victims are not interested in rebuilding based on a 13% program dropout rate.

    When you first applied to the Louisiana Restore Homeowners Program you may have thought this would be easy, you flooded, you do not have enough money to rebuild. HUD offered $1.33 to share with homeowners, then the OCD-DRU stepped in and took it all away.

  • Task Force Public Input: Citizens Proposed SBA Disaster Federal Assistance Declined Solution
    Murray Wennerlund

    In the spirit of rebuilding, we the people of the 2016 floods, a natural disaster in the State of Louisiana, officially submit to the Restore Louisiana Task Force the following guidance and policy modifications to advance our disaster recovery efforts.

  • IMPORTANT FOLLOW UP for the 3800 SBA Declined issue for DR-4263 and DR-4277 Louisiana Flood Victims
    Murray Wennerlund

    Last Thursday Aug. 16, 2018 I sent the linked page as an email to all task force members. As public input allows I proposed a solution to FIX the SBA issue for those that DECLINED the SBA Disaster Loans. I need your help to deliver the message again.

  • Louisiana Representative Edward "Ted" James, Dist 101 said it, we are echoing the call to fight hard Now!

    When LA Rep James asked for a few minutes before Governor Edwards entered the room to express his feelings of how our Congressional Representatives were not fighting for Louisiana Disaster Victims hard enough, we ask, will he fight for us in our state?

  • State of Louisiana OCD-DRU corrects Action Plan 9 and effectively hides $682 million to benefit credit worthy

    When plans are made to move money from one program to the next amounts below several million do not have to be approved by HUD but when the State of Louisiana OCD-DRU places 682 million of homeowners assistance "on hold" for SBA loan recipients...

  • State of Louisiana accepted HUD Guidance Nov 16 2011 76 FR 71060 Duplication of Benefits policy

    HUD Guidance Nov. 16, 2011 76-FR-71060 Duplication of Benefits policy. We have declined assistance from the SBA Disaster Loan Program and have Cancelled our approved loan based on our household debt burden and inability to repay.

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Estimated 2,900 sqft living space and 4,800sf under roof ready for your building crews to build on our land in...