Homeowner managed construction, remodel and repair.

Process, Planning and Creative Solutions.

When do you need Skilled labor?

If you have home repairs, improvements and maintenance requirements that are more demanding than what you can manage you will need skilled people to complete the job.

Identifying skilled people today is harder than you might think. Confirming skills is even harder and verifying helpers are actually employees and not just parking lot day labor is next to impossible to confirm.  

Homeowners and tradesman should spend 20 minutes together.

  1. At each meeting occurrence when the homeowner and workers are on a project site the supervising person should spend 20 minutes with the homeowner and discuss the project for clarity and understanding for all involved with the project that day.
  2. Quality communications time between homeowner's and trades people can clarify expectations and place the homeowners vision of the project in focus with the tradesman.  

Homeowners will need to stage the project to be sure the plans and details are documented and discussed with your professionals. Unless you plan on doing on the work yourself, you must have some instructions writing and agreed with before work can begin.