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When do you need Skilled labor?

If you have home repairs, improvements and maintenance requirements that are more demanding than what you can manage you will need skilled people to complete the job.

Identifying skilled people starts with basic observations and two questions. 

  • Does the tradesman have the tools for the trade they represent?
  • Does the tradesman have the vehicle to transport the needed tools?

When a tradesman says, "I have truck and tools." it means more than just owning the truck and having tools in the box. It's what we say to people to express that we are the professional they are looking for. We have the tools to conduct our trade. We will arrive prepared to complete the job.

When you should look for someone else to do the job? When your contractor shows signs they are a labor broker and not a tradesman.

How to Find Trades people by posting your project.

  1. Create your account and sign in. 
  2. Post your project needs. Include full project plans and instructions.
    If you need assistance with project planning please feel free to ask us for help