Home Construction, Improvement, Repairs.

Has finding a trade professional to complete your project turned into a project?

When you need Skilled people.

You have repairs, improvements, service and maintenance requirements. We have the trade skills that can get the job done.

Truck and Tools is kicking off our "Refer your Guy or Gal" which just about everyone knows a guy or gal that can do that.
Now it's time to share the work they did for you and to share them with us so others can have the same experience as you did. It's totally free to sign up. It's free for all those who are posting projects for as long as you would like to use our service.
It's free for 30 days to all trade professionals that are referred by a member or by request.

Check out our new "Invitation for Bid" service. We know send out bid invites to our registered Professionals. You only have to post the details once, select the pro in your area and ask them to bid on your project.

Professionals now can see the project request and choose to bid or not. NO PER LEAD fees. Subscriptions are for on going marketing of your professional trade services as well as numerous other features that will benefit you and your company for many projects to come.

How to Find Skilled Trades people for your job.

  1. Create your account and sign in. (It's free)
  2. Select your State.
    • At sign in, your state will be selected automatically.
  3. Click Skilled Tradesman from the navigation menu.
  4. Select your industry category from the Skilled Tradesman expanded menu.
    • The number to the right of the industry name is the number of total Skilled Tradesman people that have posted to that industry.
  5. Click the Title or Details link for more information.
    • Read the full post.
    • Email, Phone, available for subscribers.

How to Search Project Requests to help members.

  1. Create your account and sign in.
  2. Select your State.
    • At sign in your state will be selected automatically.
  3. Click Project Request from the navigation menu.
  4. Select your industry or category from the Project Request Search menu.
  5. Browse the posts.
  6. Click on the title or view details to see the full description.

Building, Re-Building or mitigating, we are here to assist you. Navigating local, state and federal disaster recovery programs or self sponsored projects, well help you find the trades needed to complete your project.