Disaster Assistance, how to begin.
Recovering after a declared disaster takes time and knowledge of state and federal policies and procedure.

Welcome to Truck And Tools Disaster Assistance pages.

Use the Disaster Recovery menu links to find information related to FEMA declared disasters, HUD CDBG-DR, SBA disaster loans and your state agencies which manage your local disaster recovery programs.

Your disaster recovery success will be directly related to the amount of effort you put into your overall recovery.

Below you're find an index of articles in order of publication. To narrow your search use the Disaster Recovery menu categories then use word search located near the end of each index page. Articles will appear first with indexing of other articles related to the category and search word you have used.

If you can not find the answer to your question feel free to use the Comment | Suggestion | Feedback form located at the end of every article to ask your question.

I do not provide public assistance or any fee based or individual assistance. I do read comments, suggestions and feedback and will research any topic you present that is not currently covered and related to the categories listed in the disaster recovery menu.

Example: "My mobile home was on property not in my name but the mobile home is in my name and was damaged by Hurricane Ida. How do I prove I lived in the home before the disaster date so I can be eligible for HUD CDBG-DR grants?"