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Date 12-13-2018

Request a copy of the elevation analysis that the state of Louisiana OCD-DRU and any of it's contractors and sub-contracts approved to create the APA 9 elevation cost caps table.

As stated in an email from Paul Roberts a call enter manager for solution 2.
"analysis of elevation costs from elevation contractors in the local market, and averaged those costs into the square footage and elevation heights as seen in the table."
I would like a copy of this report and analysis as approved by the state and mentioned by Paul Roberts in an email sent to Todd Mann, Catherine Fairchild, and Dan Rees.

FAQ No. 46    

Date: 1-4-2019 Updated: 1-4-2019 Subject:

Date 12-17-2018

Request meeting notes, emails and documents between the following persons discussing homeowners meeting on the date of 12-10-2018 in the Restore Mead office.

  • Catherine Fairchild
  • Todd Mann
  • Dan Rees
  • Paul Roberts
  • Nick Speyrer
  • Derrick Speyrer
  • All others involved in the meeting.

During the meeting on Dec. 10, 2018 it was stated by a homeowner that he felt as if the individuals managing the program were picking on him. Todd Mann and Catherine Fairchild were quick to dismiss the allegation and stated that there is no evidence of that.

The homeowners do not feel the same and have collected over the year 2018 evidence to support such claims and will be seeking other measures to secure documents from your office if you refuse to release the emails requested Sept 25, 2018 as well as the meeting notes and communications between the parties listed above.

>>> Response by State of Louisiana OCD-DRU DOA <<<

Date 12-20-2018 (Dan Rees)

Your December 17, 2018 public records request was received by the Division of Administration on that same day. We are conducting a search for records. Once the search is finished, the records will be reviewed for privileges and exemptions. We will contact you as soon as the review is completed, and all non-exempt records will be made available to you.

FAQ No. 47    

Date: 1-4-2019 Updated: 1-4-2019 Subject:

Date 1-3-2019

Request the Restore Louisiana Solution 2 Reconstruction and Solution 2 Repair Standard Operating Procedure manual.

In a second request related to the Reconstruction and Solution 2 Repair SOP I would like a list or change log of any edits or contributions offered by the following companies and individuals.
P.W.R. LLC Amy Roberts or Paul Walton Roberts.
Emergent Methods LLC. Nick Speyrer or Derrick Speyrer.
Individuals: Todd Mann, Matthew Price, Jason Clary, Charles Voelker or any other person hired for the RLHP that contributed to the creation of the Reconstruction and Solution 2 Repair SOP.

FAQ No. 48    

Date: 1-4-2019 Updated: 1-4-2019 Subject:

Date 1-4-2018

Request copies of all solution 1 contractors elevation change order costs estimates and change order findings.
Following the SOP of solution 1 elevations contractors are to submit total costs of the elevation to the solution 1 team for a change order. This change order is processed by an exceptions member or other department responsible for cost review. Once completed the change order is processed and the costs for elevation is entered into eGrants or other reporting software.
I request copies of all contractors solution 1 elevation costs estimates and invoices submitted to the program.

FAQ No. 49    

Date: 1-4-2019 Updated: 1-4-2019 Subject:

I have been approached by several MHU homeowners regarding homeowner program eligibility and MHU damage assessment appeals.
The Homeowners Policy Manual 5.1 only lists water level as an appeal option. The policy seems to indicate that it was the homeowners responsibility to have documented the water levels before the MHU was demolished, repaired at the homeowners expense or removed from the property.
Our homeowners are very interested in learning why water level appeals are the only appeal method offered. Stick built homes offer damage assessments as well as water level appeals.
From the RLHP Manual v5.1 page 38, “Mobile homes that have not been classified as having Major / Severe damage must have sustained at least one foot of flood water inside the MHU to qualify for replacement.”
Would you point me in the direction where I can find the HUD documents that allow for damage assessments to be based on housing type?
I would like to have a few Manufactured Home homeowners meet with the below listed individuals and / or policy makers to review how and why this specific policy was created for only MHU owners. (Public Outreach Office) (Public Outreach office) (Public Outreach office) (Damage Assessment)
(Our Facebook.Com Group Restore LA Program Info Exchange most of you know about us.)

Editors Notes:
Townhomes, apartment complexes, condominiums, stick built homes, structural damage for all other residential building types seem to allow repair / replacement estimated costs or water level. It appears only Manufactured Housing Units (MHU) are restricted to water level appeals only and not actual costs of replacement or repairs. According to the state of Louisiana OCD-DRU Manufactured homes do not have damage sufficient enough to document unless the water level was 12 inches or more.

Social Media shares to federal, state, local, contractors, sub-contractor and Policy makers within the State of Louisiana homeowners assistance Program related to the federally declared disasters DR-4263 and DR-4277.

FAQ No. 50    

Date: 1-5-2019 Updated: 1-5-2019 Subject:

Final determination of your Elevation Allowance.

  • The Program will fund the lesser of the actual cost of elevation.
  • The Program will use the Elevation Allowance Table from the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Manual added in version 5.x Oct. 5, 2018 and approved in Action Plan Amendment 9 dated July 19, 2018.
  • To calculate the maximum elevation allowance the Program will use the square footage shown in your Grant Award.
  • To verify the lowest cost to the Program you must submit on your state licensed contractors letterhead an itemized written cost breakdown of all materials and labor for work related to your elevation. The work must match that of your approved elevation design and permitted design construction drawings that are approved by your local permitting municipality.
  • Costs are from existing earth subgrade (Note 1) foundation to the lowest point of the new floor system which includes foundation components beams, joists, subfloor and all fasteners associated with the construction of the flooring system. (Note 2)
  • Elevation Calculations: The Program is going to use an elevation certificate, to determine which elevation height to use in the Program Elevation Allowance Table in an effort to establish the Elevation CAP.
    Example: The calculation is based on lowest adjacent grade as noted in the FEMA Form 086-0-33 (7/15), or in the linked certificate of elevation, the elevation of natural grade at 40.7', up to the base flood elevation plus two feet totaling 46.2'. The difference of 5 ½” feet would establish an Elevation CAP in the 6.0' height category as noted in the Program Elevation Allowance Table based on the eligible square footage.
  • The costs of beams, joists, subfloor components of the new homes elevated floor system are included in the cost of the homes construction and are excluded from the elevation costs.
  • Grade beam costs are eligible for reimbursement under the separate award for elevation.
    Under Solution 2 the Program is not dictating an Applicant's design. The Program is asking that the Applicant's licensed contractor advise in writing the costs for elevation, so that the Program can provide a separate award for elevation funding. These costs should represent any materials/labor from the top of the pier or pile down including materials/labor installed below grade that have been included on the construction drawings submitted to the local building official for a new construction building permit.

Note 1: A subgrade is the earth (soil) that has all organic materials removed and the earth has been compacted to support the designed loads above it. It is the layer of earth required to be the base or lowest point in the structures foundation or paved surfaces and slabs

Note 2: Existing earth sub-grade. This may be confusing in that is it the existing homes that has not been demolished or from the new designed home foundation?

Note 3: Information provided by TM, PR, independent contractors of IEM Inc. assigned to the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program.

FAQ No. 52    

Date: 1-11-2019 Updated: 1-12-2019 Subject:

Mr. Durbin: Raj Pandit.

Mr. Pandit: Good morning, my name is Raj Pandit. I am an attorney that is representing Hundred Gate Flood Insurance homeowners. My question is exclusively related to the duplication of benefits calculation. On specifically, let me be clear, I fully agree that anybody who has flood insurance proceeds, those proceeds should be a part of their DOB calculation. However, if someone has to get expert help, to get an additional payment, to me the calculation should only be based upon the money that they actually receive and this has been in other states who've had natural disasters. New York after Sandy, South Caroline after Matthew, and this is how the SBA calculates this as well. All DOB calculations are always after deduction of an attorney's fee or some other type of fee, so I just want to make a public comment that this process here should also follow the law, setting precedent, that's been established in other disasters.

Mr. Durbin: Appreciate it. Thank you for the comment.

FAQ No. 53    

Date: 1-12-2019 Updated: 1-12-2019 Subject:

Mr. Durbin: Ace Cox.

Mr. Cox: One is I just want to say thank you to everybody that's here on the committee and working with this as far as putting Louisiana put back together. My name is Ace Cox. We started a small Facebook group at the beginning of the floods, it's called Louisiana Flood Rescue. That small Facebook group is just shy of 42,000 people currently on that group. Everyone there is related to this flood, the page was started specifically for them. The issue I'm running into currently is that the miscommunication and just lack thereof. What I would like to encourage your team, I spoke with Nick who is helping you guys with marketing, is to give a representative for that community those online platforms and those Facebook groups, to actually go on there. When the Restore Louisiana name was mentioned on that page, we're having 120 to 130 comments, questions, and everything like that. The challenge you are running into is people from the community that dealt with the organization, you guys, are speaking on your behalf. That is not the way to go about things because unfortunately those individuals aren't as educated on policies and procedures, so my request is that through Louisiana Rescue that we have someone that can assist with those questions. The other concern I have is with the current open meeting, such as this. If there's an option to hose one of these after hours or on the weekends, I think that would do a justice to the community. Simply because, Friday morning, most of those individuals that are currently trying to rebuild their homes, they don't have the luxury to step away from work. They have to be at work this morning. With your webcast peaking at roughly 3,000, just over 3,000 views today, that indicates that communication is not there. So again, anything that Louisiana Flood Rescue and myself can help you guys with, educating or communicating with the community out there, please lean on us as a tool. Our number one goal is to connect the community with people that can help and assist, and that's what we're here for.

Mr. Durbin: Appreciate the comment.

FAQ No. 54    

Date: 1-12-2019 Updated: 1-12-2019 Subject:

From: Pat Forbes
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 10:01 AM
To: 'James A Richardson'
Subject: RE: Restore Spending
Yes, we have plenty of applications to make it. The issue at this point is in the process, specifically in the IEM QC review of scopes of work. They are increasing the capacity of that function, but have been hit hard by loss of qualified people to the other storms. Relative to total flows, we do hope to go higher than the 200, but that is a short term goal. The goal is to get all funds awarded within 9 months to a year.
-----Original Message-----
From: James A Richardson []
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 9:56 AM
To: Pat Forbes
Subject: Re: Restore Spending
Pat do we have the applications in place to get to 200 per day? If we get to 200 per day (and only counting business days), we will have helped about 9,000 homeowners by the end of the year. And assuming average of $30,500 per home, we will have spent about $275 million. When will we use up the $1.7 or so billion? And do we have a easy to read chart showing how long it took in other places compared to what we are doing.

> On Oct 25, 2017, at 9:24 AM, Pat Forbes wrote:
> We have awarded nearly $64 million to over 2100 homeowners. We are averaging a rate of over 100 awards per day and increasing that. Goal is to get to 200/day.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: James A Richardson []
> Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 9:19 AM
> To: Lori Dupont ; Pat Forbes
> Subject: Restore Spending
> Pat
> can you tell me exactly how much the state has provided in financial assistance to homeowners, etc from the federal money.
> I just want to have good answers if someone asks about Kennedy's remarks.
> Jim

FAQ No. 55    

Date: 1-12-2019 Updated: 1-12-2019 Subject:

Information Collection Request:
1. Has your CTA made policy statements that seem odd or unreasonable and are not in the Homeowners Manual as published?
2. Has your CTA refused or ignored your requests for Policy supporting what they are saying and instructing you to do?
3. Have you been told (any manor of) you will be dropped from the program if you do not do what your CTA tells you to do?
4. When you email your CTA, does it take longer than a day or two to be acknowledged?
5. Has your CTA forwarded your email to another department?
6. Have you asked questions that have not been answered or addressed?
7. Are you told to meet in the office to discuss questions even after you ask them to respond by email?
You can PM or Email them to me. Your name will not be used in any report. This data will be used for a Citizens Input Group meeting with the Task Force and Director of OCD-DRU.

FAQ No. 56    

Date: 1-14-2019 Updated: 1-14-2019 Subject:

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  • Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.

    Jonathan L.

    Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.