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Window flashing IRC 2015 R 703.4 Flashing requirements. How to make window flashing logical and mechanical.

Your window installer wants to wrap your water-resistive barrier (WRB) aka House Wrap inside onto your window jamb. You worry about water entering the window from your drainable WRB channels. Let's look at code requirements and give this process a review

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/24/2022 updated 4-25-2022 12 seconds read

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Don't let termite shields take your elevated homes design and character to the trash heap.

More and more I see builders using aluminum roof valley flashing for what they think is a termite shield.

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/19/2022 6 seconds read

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Building an elevated home with attic storage in a flood zone and a 130mph wind zone.

Flood, Hurricane and high wind mitigation practices make building a classic Acadian style home very difficult. The gables will be the major wind load and don't tie the rafters so low you lose the height you need for storage.

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/16/2022 updated 4-19-2022 12 seconds read

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Building Material Suppliers List

Building Material Suppliers List

by Murray Wennerlund published 1/28/2021 13 seconds read

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Louisiana State Contractors Licensing information from a Homeowners understanding

So many of us trust our contractors to do us right. Many of us dont know there are over 4,000 licensed and insured contractors in the state covering foundations to electrical. But all to often we hire a general contractor that hires unlicensed workers.

by Murray Wennerlund published 10/23/2018 updated 5-4-2022 13 seconds read

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The road less traveled may lead to better disaster recovery

You may owe money in the Louisiana Restore program and may not know how you are going to handle things. You are not alone, many people in Louisiana are feeling like the recovery efforts are not suited for our disaster.

by Supervisor published 5/2/2018 updated 5-4-2022 12 seconds read

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How to Research and Select a Contractor

This is a shared group collaboration of knowledge and experience. We encourage everyone to participate. Copy / Download / Edit / Add Additional Information Comments open at bottom of this document.

by Murray Wennerlund published 4/15/2018 updated 5-4-2022 9 seconds read

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Is elevating to Base Flood Elevation enough to protect my home

When you purchased your home your Base Flood Elevation may have looked good at first, but now that you have flooded and your home was at B.F.E. what should you do?

by Murray Wennerlund published 1/19/2018 updated 5-4-2022 9 seconds read

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Rental Property Owners Exemption from State Licensing requirements

Great news for Investors who have at one time LIVED in the home before it became a rental property. Bad news for those rental property investors that don't hire licensed contractors or sub-contractors.

by Writers Pool published 10/31/2017 3:00:00 PM updated 5-4-2022 10 seconds read

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You will be the best homeowner contractor

Many homeowners may not realize that being their own contractor can be very rewarding and cost saving at the same time. If you knew the Cake Baker and retired IT Programmer were some of your choices in contractors who would you trust with your home?

by Writers Pool published 11/2/2016 9:00:00 AM updated 3-3-2019 2 min. 24 seconds read

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