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- Between trade professionals and project posters we have the workshop that addresses anything and any category related to homeowner projects related to our tradesman.

I'm currently sending out hundreds of emails to better catalog Louisiana Licensed Contractors. We all know the Contractors search from the state of Louisiana Contractors Licensing board fall short of being a resource for homeowners to find companies to work on their homes. I plan on changing that by introducing a search and browse method of finding a professional in the industry without having to call hundreds of businesses and ask "Do you do" questions.

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    Many homeowners may not realize that being their own contractor can be very rewarding and cost saving at the same time. If you knew the Cake Baker and retired IT Programmer were some of your choices in contractors who would you trust with your home?



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We need a land surveyor that can do Elevation Certification for our FEMA B.F.E that is registered and...

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