McComb, MS Fire Station No 1 1928

Results of a
Perfect Project

From one generation to the next, we know if your project is designed perfectly you will have perfect results no matter if it's 1928, 1995 or 2021.

1.2 million villa project

More than
just a trade

Tradesman learn from masters of their trade.
It's their livelihood, it's what they do best.

Experience is the Key

We help you take your napkin plans and sketches and make them into a full comprehensive project.

Logical Plan

Now that we've aligned the details, it's time to get things mapped out and organized.

Action Plan Flowchart

Plan to Learn

Project quality increases as knowledge grows. Sharing experience increases knowledge which will increase quality that leads to better productivity.

After the disaster you are at risk of even more Disastrous times generated by your local government officials
Disaster Efforts

More of my story.

When it's time to find a skilled tradesman to do the work you're more likely to be told "I got a guy" from a neighbor that might be in the accounting department at the local department store. What makes that referral a quality referral? Nothing, so this is why I'm starting to enter licensed contractors based on their license type into our database online. Members can select a category and send invitations to bid with a single post. It costs nothing for contractors to sign up so members can submit bids. We like it when contractors and trades people advertise and market their trades with us. But that's no reason for me to stop you from doing some great work for our members. So have at it, sit back and wait for someone to send you an "Invitation to Bid". Or be more pro-active with your marketing and contribute for a year to promote your business.

Disaster Victims rebuilding after the storm have a special location online with TruckAndTools.Com. We know just what you are experiencing, we are also a victim of storms and floods like you.

I am forming a Long Term Recovery Group, composed of For Profit Professionals, Interns and Volunteers to be assigned to homeowners with unmet disaster repair needs not covered or completed by other organizations. We will be operating in all communities that need assistance beyond the scope of short term assistance which is typically less than 2 years. By partnering with skilled professionals we'll be able to oversee the long term recovery needs of homeowners. We will be introducing a sliding payment scale to allow our For Profit Professionals the opportunity to provide professional services at a reduced rate or an rate offset. This will depend on the number of contributions and gifts that are received for current projects and the willingness of our professionals to reduce rates for those in need. 

Not only do we provide services to help homeowners find skilled labor we are offering professionals the opportunity to market to our members and visitors. By sponsoring our efforts we assist in marketing your business. 

As my Great Grandfather August Wennerlund did in the 20's and 30's here in the USA I plan to bring you the skills and the trades you need to rebuild after your disaster. I personally will share my recovery plan with you and you can then share your plans with others by telling your disaster recovery story. This way we insure smoother disaster recovery periods in the future. By learning from those that know and questioning those that think they know we will build a stronger recovery path. 

Material Suppliers, State Policy makers, City Planners, Community Development agencies, Tradesman and Craftsman are welcome to become "Trades" members. We look forward to hearing about your experience and insights to the disaster recovery process.

My Story started with the history of my Great Grandfather August Wennerlund and his wife Mary. I learned from historical records research what part he played in the rebuilding of McComb, Mississippi after the great fire. Being told about the fire by his brother-in-law he arrived in McComb and quickly went to work rebuilding the small southern town. His trade skills created the City Hall, Court House, Fire station, churches of all denominations and many other red brick buildings that are still today standing strong.

He gave his all, was paid for his efforts and did things right. Today I am helping the trades bring back that pride and the skills of master tradesmen we once had. We didn't build things to be rebuilt, we built things to last and to service us for generations to come.

I'm doing my part by creating the technology infrastructure you need to showcase your trades. Homeowners can publish their projects so trade professionals can bid and make offers to do the job. 

My trade skills will come in handy and could be the force behind your successful projects and trade business. I've created the medium for you to conduct your business and to get your projects listed. Let's push forward and pave the way to a more productive and successful future for homeowners and tradesman. 

Thank you, 
Murray Wennerlund
Developer / Tradesman


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Results of a Perfect Project. From one generation to the next, we know if your project is designed perfectly you will have perfect results no matter if it's 1928, 1995 or 2021.