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Trade Professionals

About Truck and Tools

Truck and Tools . Com (TruckandTools.Com) is designed for two groups of people.

  • The skilled laborer and tradesman with truck and tools.
  • The person in need of skilled labor and tradesman with truck and tools.

How it all came to be.
While I was replacing a roof that 3 others attempted before me I noticed that none of them knew how to route a wood plank for interlocking roofing board.
It was really simple, all you needed was the knowledge, tools and the skill to put it all together.

When I was looking for a helper or a skilled worker I ran into more people that just were not willing to work with the homeowner.
I got the impression that many are not a confident with their work to have the homeowner watching the whole time.

In my case I enjoy showing people how things are done and will let you take pictures and even a short movie about what the work is all about.

When you hire a person you're often reading profiles and reviews.
No post on this site will be without pictures of what needs repairing or building and what has been done in the past.

With smartphones you can snap a picture and upload it in seconds. Many posters average 2 to 3 minutes a post.
If you need help you can visit the video or text help sections.

The key here is to publish what needs to be done or what has been done.
No reviews are published without before and after pictures with the people involved in them.
Be your neighbor or a contractor it doesn't matter, we all share our projects online complete with images.

If you have the truck and tools you can use this site to publish your trades and skills.
Remember to post your pictures of proof related to your skills and trade.
No Truck, No Tools, No Skills, No Trade, No Service.
Simple, it's free for the basic posting and publishing.
If you need more help and marketing services then why not subscribe and let the Truck and Tools founder assist you.

Thank you.

Murray W.
Truck and Tools
Tradesmen, Developer, General Laborer.