FAQ#: 241 published 4-23-2020


Details: Activist and Advocate researcher of SBA Disaster Recovery Loans and all federal disaster assistance agencies.

Must fire up easily and help the American taxpayers with a politically motivated attitude that this is your money, we all paid into the system, and it’s not a bailout or handout. It’s a helping hand, and you must understand that to your core.

  • Trained by hippie political science and American politics professors preferred.

  • Former NSA and CSS intercept operators trained to read and listen to multiple conversations a plus.

  • Must be able to read and locate resources quickly and continuously during your selected hours.

  • Must have a desktop computer or laptop with the ability view Facebook in full screen. (no mobile devices for this project)

  • Must be willing to experience hardships, disasters, long hours, numbness of the fingers and brain.

  • Strong backbone, able to hold your language and your emoji responses.

This position is not suited for SBA Government workers, members of congress, financial services providers, marketing and sales people, bank employees or affiliates of any type of commission or pay per click referral service.

Veterans are encouraged to apply except for amphibious tracked vehicle operators and battle tank loaders and drivers. Maintenance crews from same companies are permitted.

Contact any administrator or moderator to apply.

Screening: A simple Google Hack Background check will be conducted.

Thank you,


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