You don't have X-Ray Vision!
What was behind that wall was completely unforeseen.

When you are in recovery mode from a disaster unforeseen expenses are found every step of the way. Let's work together and find a path that you can take to make your recovery successful.


The baby is on it's way!
Nope, not going to use that line as a pitch.

But I will tell you this. That used car has a few more issues the dealer didn't tell you about. That your car report, well, let's say if they don't report it, it never happened, right? You can't budget or plan for the unexpected. Having a savings account works, but if you needed to find somwone to do repairs on your car or home do you know one that has a sliding scale payment? I sure don't.


It's not covered!
You had insurance but it wasn't enough.

So you dip into your money in the bank, your 401K and other resources. Now after you have exhausted all your financial resources you face the "Unmet" needs issue.







Roof Leak No Yes No
Insurance Paid 80% No No Yes
Flood X No Insurance
  • Knowledge learned by Research and Experience.

We could publish many different examples but it wouldn't change anything that has happened. We want you to know there is no guarantee anyone will help. But we also know if you don't ask you will never know. Some help may be financial while other times we might have materials and labor ready for you. You must be open to allowing members to help you first and as a group will make sure it happens with quality of workmanship.

TruckAndTools.Com is about barn rising and helping people recovery. This is not a handout, facts are reviewed and arguments made on behalf of the homeowner. When all else fails we start making alternative plans.

Let's look at things for what they really are. I'm one person, a tradesman and a programming. I can do only so much and I can tell you there is more people in need than you would imagine.

At first I started helping by finding Not For Profit groups to help. Then when I really looked into the disaster recovery groups most only had limited funding and nearly all were out of the area 2 years or less after the disaster date.

When I found that it's very difficult for a not for profit to actually do it's declared mission after 2 years I felt it was time to just start working on things without all the red tape and restrictions so many work their way into the middle of.

I can fix a flat tire, paint a house, mix concrete, weld a chassis, climb a tall tower, repair electronics and program online applications and websites like Truck And Tools. But all this means nothing if I can't help you so this is what I do.

  1. I review the issue you are experiencing.
  2. I look for services available that match your needs.
  3. I look for others that may be better at helping you.
  4. I look for volunteers to offer their labor.
  5. I look for people to contribute materials if needed.
  6. I look for people to contribute financially when we have no other solutions but to pay the piper to get the job done.

Since August of 2016 I have focused on Federal Disaster Recovery in the state of Louisiana. I have learned much since that time and I have learned how to make things happen for homeowners. I do this without asking the homeowner for anything in return. It's paperwork, it's time, it's stress, on everyone. I just feel it's better to help and worry about the bills later. Put yourself in the shoes of a disaster victim. Having to deal with a system that is more chaotic than doing your own taxes. You have to read thousands of pages of documents just to understand the basics. So many variables so many policies and so few in the industry that actual can read, comprehend and recall at will what is needed.

I'm the one that finds the policies that can help you. I'm the one in the background that coaches you on what to say, what to ask and when to listen. I'm the one that will tell you time and time again never talk over the phone, never meet in person always do things in writing. In today's world we can accomplish 160% more with two phones, one keyboard and a steady 55wpm for 10 hours non stop. Let me explain to you that no one person knows it all. You have to find the people that know what you need. I can help 100% on HUD CDBG-DR Grants policy issues. I can help with FEMA FVL appeals. I can't help you repair your private jet, but I will look to see if I have someone in my phone list that does that type of work.

This month I helped one person with their grant award. The other month it was a different household. Every month it's a different person, different household but the same process. It's not some class we skipped in school it's our federal government and it's federal assistance programs. At times there is clearly no path to take and this is when I ask people for time and money.

No one can do it all, I'm starting off small, I'm a sole proprietor if you will. I'm retired but keep busy, now with disasters in so many areas our household is planning on building a online assistance program that picks up after the federal assistance and all the not for profit assistance ends. But I'll be in the fight from day one helping you navigate the federal assistance and help you get on lists with the Not for Profits. It's a long road head, time to meet some great people and start sharing in our goals of assisting those that have slipped off the path to recovery.

The bureaucracy is created to make it difficult for you. I'll be publishing often what I find from others and experience first hand. This should help you be able to help yourself. So if you do recovery and you have used some of the information I have provided or advice I have offered please when you can contribute what you can so we can expand our goals and reach more people.

Thank you for your time.
Murray Wennerlund
Founder and Developer of TruckAndTools.Com