Community Development

Community Development - City, Town, County, Parish, Disaster Recovery.

At first glace your Office of Community Development might not seem like much. But once your Community Development department in your local city, town, county, parish level gets hold of some serious federal grant money offered by HUD your Community Development people can be proactive and create solutions that lead to a rapid recovery plan or they can be reactive in that they do the minimum and only react when public outcry or other issues drive them to respond.

  • August 13, 2016 Louisiana Flood, 2 years later we are still called Flood Victims and not Flood Survivors, why?

    Two years after the flood we have foundations cracking due to erosion, wood buckled and warped, joists and beams bent and split. Old wood has never been perfect after it's been soaked for days and dried slowly for months.

  • Executive Order JBE-2016-65 Task Force has to setup a method for the public to offer input

    According to Governor Edwards Executive Order JBE-2016-65 the Task Force has to setup a method for the public to offer input and to allow them to make policy based on such input.

  • State of Louisiana OCD-DRU adds DOB to Flood Victims Denied SBA Loans because of Adverse Financial conditions

    The State office of Community Development director Patrick Forbes denies flood victims HUD CDBG-DR Funds and adds SBA Loans that the SBA has Declined because of Adverse reasons. State demands Homeowners provide SBA details of the Adverse condition.

  • State of Louisiana Task Force Meeting SBA Fix topic July 13, 2018 where will the money go if no SBA Fix?

    Not only does the Director of the State of Louisiana OCD-DRU Patrick Forbes state that it will take HUD Guidance or Congress to pass law. He goes deeper into what he will spend it on if the 862 million isnt used for the SBA Fix. This was in APA 9 .

  • What are you going to ask your HUD CDBG-DR State OCD-DRU Homeowners Assistance Task Force members today?
    Murray Wennerlund

    You could start with a simple request like, How can I contact you with a proposal or issue that may effect hundreds of people. It appears our states DOA office feels that the contact information for Governor Appointed Members of the Task Force Hands Off!

  • State of Louisiana OCD-DRU CDBG-DR Grantee Manual 3.7 - Section 4.0 Duplication of Benefits
    Murray W.

    The State of Louisiana Office of Community Development - Disaster Recovery Unit that handles HUD CDBG-DR as the Grantee has most of their current 2016 information online. It is your responsibility to be sure you have the most current version of the manual

  • Louisiana OCD-DRU Declined SBA Award Policy

    The Declined SBA Award Policy is published on Page 52 of the Homeowners Assistance Manual version 3.1. This has been confirmed with DOA as being what Restore.LA.Gov uses to determine if a homeowner will be penalized for not accepting the SBA loan offered.

  • Restore Louisiana Task Force Meeting July 13th 2018 State Capitol, House Committee Room 5, Baton Rouge

    State Capitol, House Committee Room 5, 900 N. Third St. Baton Rouge LA 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 PM Friday, July 13. Be sure to be on time, or at least between 9:30 and 10:00. Most meetings are fast, last one ended about 10:30 only one public comment presented.

  • Restore Pipeline Reports #46 June 16 to 22 2018
    Writers Pool

    Restore Pipeline Reports 46 June 16 to 22 2018

  • LA State is setting construction prices, what happens when market prices rise above Xactimate Economy prices?
    Writers Pool

    For any Scope of Work that has not been issued, OCD-DRU may reflect updated prices based on yearly review of Xactimate prices.