CDBG-DR Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program

CDBG-DR Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery.

HUD CDBG-DR program will be the most difficult program you attempt to navigate due to the number of process, direction, guidance and program rules you must follow.
For much of this section I will be discussion a delivery sequence change that will make recovery more time effective for disaster victims. Typically the CDBG-DR process starts one year after the declared disaster but can be granted one additional year making your recovery process with HUD 2 years from the actual disaster.

  • HUD CDBG-DR Grants are designed for Low to Moderate Income families are you qualified?
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    After a declared disaster FEMA is first to offer GRANTS then second is HUD CDBG-DR GRANTS you need to know your AMI percentage to be able to plan. If your AMI is below the value listed on this page for your area then DO NOT sign an SBA LOAN.

  • HUD OIG report 2017 may offer a hint of a solution to the SBA Loan Declined still showing as DOB
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    HUD OIG published its recommendations and HUD made its comments. But still today we are seeing thousands of low income families penalized for duplication of disaster recovery benefits that they did not receive and did not want to take.

  • H.R.1892 Bipartisan Budget Act DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Community Planning And Development

    We are not lawyers but we do know when something just doesn't set well with the masses. 3,800 Louisiana flood victims have been refused HUD Grants under the guidance of Governor John Bel Edwards and the state of Louisiana Office of Community Development.

  • Follow Elevation Standards from HUD not from FEMA or your local zoning unless they exceed HUD standards

    Its not to often you will read, Follow HUD standards. Most of us that have been in a disaster know HUD standards are low quality and economical grade. But when it comes to flood elevation requirements they are often the best numbers to use.

  • CDBG-DR Financial Updates for the State of Louisiana
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    Follow the grant money for disaster victims in Louisiana. Find out if it actually makes it to the homeowners so they can rebuild. Find out how long it takes to rebuild after a disaster. You will not hear this from your local or national news people.

  • DOB Duplication of Benefit Sources
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    Understanding what HUD determines as Duplication of Benefits DOB and understanding the Guidance that HUD offices may not be what your States Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit understands. Are they working your interest?

  • August 2016 Floods DR 4277
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    August 2016 Floods DR‐4277 Individual Assistance 153,271 households Registered 82,422 Approved

  • How CDBG DR policy and SBA Loans as Duplication of Benefits DOB all started 2011
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    The grantee should identify the full amount of assistance for which the applicant was approved 30,000.