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Our Community page spotlights key features of our website.

Here are some basic example of how to use Truck and Tools.

If you are looking to put up a fence this will be your steps.

  1. Create an account / Sign in
  2. Click on My Posts and follow the link to post a project.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Upload images, documents and videos that help describe your project or what you would like it to look like.
  5. Go online and search Fencing Companies.
  6. Submit your project page to the fencing companies you have selected.
  7. Wait for bids and questions to come in.

If you are looking to build a new home or rebuild your home.

This becomes more complex, but with the proper guides you can successfully complete all phases of the work you require.

First, you must know what you want.
You have to completely design what you want to build or modify.
No guess work, no thinking on the fly, no building without a detailed plan.

We can not act as your contractor or your builder.
We can only share information and share our experiences as a non builder non contractor.

1. Draw a picture of what you need done.

We use SketchUp Make to draw our plans.

Psst, you, do you live in Denham Springs LA.?
Tried to contact people at the city?
Can't find the documents from the cities website?
Can't open the ones you find?
Finding documents with file names only a computer can read?
Want to make sure your emails are answered?

Click here and if you have signed in you should be able to see the forms. If not, sign in and return to the page.

My Denham Springs Communication Forms development by Murray W. Too Big to Hide. Too Slow to Run.


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TruckAndTools.Com numbers

Active Numbers are our way of showing you we have real people. We don't generate 3 random names of contractors in your area just to get your hopes up. Often it takes you posting your Project Request to get the tradesman you really need.

Active Members all our members are real, you wont see lines in profiles like "Claim this business listing" like all those spam sites do. If we don't have a person in your area or in the industry you need we leave it blank. But, we do encourage you to post your needs so we can help you find tradesman in your area. If you don't has for help, you will never find it.

Inactive Members are members that have had projects posted and completed with no additional projects in the near future or they are getting their next project post organized.


Contributing Always a Two-Way Street

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