Community Development

Community Developers

Building an online community takes time and the willingness to provide change that best suits the growth of the online community.

The direction of the community has to be clear, we want to bring content that offers insight to the issue. Content generated from sources are generally the best. We educate each other by sharing experiences. We also grow our knowledge which directly assists us in learning even more.

The Community here at TruckAndTools.Com is no different from any other online community. But what is different is our community is working to bridge the gap between the online world wide web and real life. Those that become members of TruckAndTools.Com do so because they are seeking to bridge the gap. They wish to find assistance or offer assistance. It's a two-way street and we all walk the same street.

Our Community is Free to visit online. You can become a member for free. When you are ready to help or need to pay it forward we have "Contribute" buttons in the site. Even in your profile you'll find a form to which you can contribute funds.

We are not at this time building a Not for Profit, the restrictions imposed are too great for what our focus is all about. We do offer professional marketing services within our pages which focus on specific people in need of specific handyman services, contractor services, as well as craftsman and tradesman. You all become the developers of our community by taking from the community and giving back to the community we grow stronger to help you and others like you even more.

In our members only sections you'll find specific details and experiences that have helped hundreds of households recovery from a disaster. Not every two homes are alike and not every household is the same. When you have a specific need we have premium services that will focus on your specific needs. Not to worry about fees, we use a sliding scale and only ask that you contribute when you can. You're not required to part from your money but we are in the business of helping online and onsite which costs and is why TruckAndTools.Com is a for profit business services managed and owned by Murray Wennerlund living in the state of Louisiana.

Even if you're not in Louisiana our recovery processes are the same, only the names of our individual programs change.

We do not offer construction management or construction advice. That would require a Contractors License in the State of Louisiana. We do offer knowledge and experience as homeowners that have managed their own construction which is 100% permissible in our state and every other state. Building or rebuilding the American Dream of owning a home is your right and we want you to be very successful with your home ownership.

Become an active partner in the process. If you enjoy the social media life we have TruckAndTools.Com in Facebook and on Twitter. You are welcome to join anytime.

We also have need for sliding scale skilled and unskilled labor for many of our projects. We like to see project owners provide a budget that allows them to at least pay the people who are basically volunteering their time and services. But for many, federal programs count volunteer hours against them so we devised the E-1 pay rate of the 80's that should do the trick for most. We'll discuss with each project holder that requires assistance but has limited funds for their budget. We get involved in all repairs and rebuilds of the family home for as long as it takes.

How to fund your federal disaster recovery in any part of the United States of America.
Murray Wennerlund

Learn how to fund your recovery project after being a victim of a federally declared disaster. You can also use some of these agencies to recovery from local and state declared disasters. Most of the focus here is on federal agencies and programs.