Welcome to the Truck and Tools Community.

Truck and Tools is where Tradesman and Craftsman show our members what they can do.
We work with skilled labor not unskilled day labor.
We also promote being your own home contractor when local contractors do not hold the trade skills you need or are hiring sub-contractors and day labor to do the job you thought they would be doing.

The trades are not dead, they are just hard to find because of so many unskilled claiming to be skilled in the trades that have jumped into the market place of home remodeling and repair.

Some states actually promote only Licensed Contractors for only a tax revenue base. Many states do not ask that the contractor be skilled, they only ask that they have good credit to get the proper insurances to cover their workers and projects. But in the end, they often contract that labor out to unlicensed people which leaves the homeowner holding 100% of the liability risk.

We hope to team up with honest trades people both licensed and unlicensed to help homeowners.
Personally we only hire skilled labor and our insurance covers our project so we do not mind working with professionals without a license because in the end we get the job done the way we expect it at a price we both agreed to. So we become the employer at that point, it's good when working with independent contractors, they can use their name, we use their Tax ID or SSN to submit our G-1099 if over $600.00 and they don't have to worry about the state coming after them for not having a license because we the homeowner are their employer and we the homeowner by default do not require to be licensed to remodel or build our home.

Learn from us and learn from others as we share our experience identifying the skills we need in the industries we want to work on our assets. Don't be fool twice, let's work with only professionals that make the trades their livelihood.

Here are some basic example of how to use Truck and Tools.

If you are looking to put up a fence this will be your steps.

  1. Create an account / Sign in
  2. Click on My Posts and follow the link to post a project.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Upload images, documents and videos that help describe your project or what you would like it to look like.
  5. Go online and search Fencing Companies.
  6. Submit your project page to the fencing companies you have selected.
  7. Wait for bids and questions to come in.

If you are looking to build a new home or rebuild your home.

This becomes more complex, but with the proper guides you can successfully complete all phases of the work you require.

First, you must know what you want.
You have to completely design what you want to build or modify.
No guess work, no thinking on the fly, no building without a detailed plan.

We can not act as your contractor or your builder.
We can only share information and share our experiences as a non builder non contractor.

1. Draw a picture of what you need done.

We use SketchUp Make to draw our plans.

Need help with your project post or your trades post?

That's what I do, I help with your posting and work with you to make you so good you can teach others how to do it.
When you create your account you might want to send me directly all your pictures and your project details and description. The same with our paid trades people, send me all your data and I'll create your posts. This will get you going fast, then, when you start editing, adding images, videos and documents you will be a professional within our site showing others just what you can do.

I will not let you fail if you are a true tradesman and skilled beyond all others or at least on the same playing field. We want homeowners to be able to find you, your skills and your trades so they know what work a true craftsman and tradesman can do. So many of us think the shoddy work we have seen over the years is to be expected. We have forgotten that their are true professionals with affordable service rates out their just waiting to be discovered.

Let me help you get in touch with those that need your services the most. And homeowners, let me promote your projects so we can attract and start collecting the professionals we want working in our group of homeowners and tradesman.

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    FEMA-4382-DR California Amendment No. 1 to Notice of a Major Disaster Declaration of August 4, 2018

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    PUBLIC INPUT REQUEST: Thinking back when you visited FEMA and FEMA instructed you to apply to the SBA Program.