Contesting your Substantially Damaged Classification after a disaster. FEMA Verified Loss FVL or local municipality determination.

/ 3-17-2019 / File # 99

To contest any Substantially Damaged (SD) classification based on FEMA Verified Loss (FVL) or your local municipality do the following.

  1. Have a contractor write you a quote for repairs that are less than 50% of the fair market value pre-disaster.
  2. Provide a recent appraisal of the value of the home that puts repairs below 50%. If your appraisal is not high enough have a realtor offer a market value pre-disaster in writing.

Take this information to you city / parish / county planning and zoning office and they will waive your Substantially Damaged classification and issue you a repair permit.

On a final note, if you learn about HUD CDBG-DR Grants and have a substantially damaged home you may qualify for a grant that may fully fund the elevation and reconstruction of your home. This is important for you to determine now before you ask to cancel your SD classification. (Note: If you are in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) your flood insurance will go up if you don't elevate above your last major flood stage, some here that elevated are paying $350 per year while others are over $5000 per year.)

We have some information on this and our group Restore La Program Info Exchange has several members that waived the SD and several that are using the SD FVL to reconstruct a new home.

We have online information here, look up under FEMA and OCD-DRU for more information. PM me if you need specific details.

I have some information about NC and FL recovery because of the contractor here in Louisiana. If you need to put together a group specific for your area I would suggest you do and share your experiences. Your state, FEMA, OCD, HUD CDBG-DR will offer you little information. Talk to those that know. Read our Task Force meeting notes.

Good Luck! Keep the Faith and reach out to others like you are doing here at Facebook Group Stop FEMA now !!!

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