Louisiana Watershed Coordinated Agencies LWCA to prioritize investment to advance watershed-based floodplain science in Louisiana.

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July 12, 2018 4:27 PM

Restore Louisiana Task Force


Overview: A resolution by the Restore Louisiana Task Force encouraging the Louisiana Watershed Coordinated Agencies (LWCA) to prioritize investment to advance watershed-based floodplain science in Louisiana.

WHEREAS, Louisiana seeks to create a safer state for its citizens who are living in proximity to water; and

WHEREAS, Louisiana will invest billions of dollars of CDBG-DR, HMGP and other resources for the protection, sustainability and resilience of the state through advanced floodplain management; and

WHEREAS, Louisiana has invested and is continuing to invest significant resources toward creating organizations such as The Water Institute of the Gulf and university centers that build the state's strength as a unique, global leader in water management; and

WHEREAS, Louisiana has an opportunity to develop capabilities through its non-profit research institutes and universities to advance the science, knowledge and capabilities of Louisiana for Louisiana that develop cutting edge, innovative capabilities that can become tools to help the world, and position its institutes to be more competitive for additional national and international work; and

WHEREAS, Louisiana is positioned to be a national and international leader in watershed based floodplain management; and

WHEREAS, the state should promote as a top strategic priority the scientific advancement of water-related innovation for Louisiana in a manner that also respects that non-profit research centers and universities should avoid direct competition with the private sector;


Section 1: The Restore Louisiana Task Force strongly encourages that the Louisiana Watershed Coordinated Agencies (LWCA) seek to further Louisiana's competitiveness in watershed-based floodplain management by prioritizing the use of their state and federal resources at Louisiana's independent, not-for-profit, scientific research institutes such as The Water Institute of the Gulf and at other, similar water management research centers that currently exist at its public and private research universities and private entities. Further, these state and federal investments should seek to leverage their independent scientific and technical advice and avoid competition with the private sector for capabilities including but not limited to:

  • Coordinating the development of a common set of modeling standards;
  • Providing the State with Quality Assurance / Quality Control services;
  • Developing a statewide flood Real-Time Forecasting (RTF) System; and
  • Developing metrics and research-based strategies for assessing community vulnerability and adaptation interventions.

Further, the Restore Louisiana Task Force encourages regular public reporting to the Task Force and to the public to demonstrate progress toward the goals stated above.

PASSED AND UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED on this the 13TH day of July 2018.

Jimmy Durbin, Co-Chair
Jacqui Vines Wyatt, Co-Chair

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