Attached are your opening remarks that I drafted for you. Jacqui Vines Wyatt December 1, 2016 12 01 PM

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From: Lori Dupont
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:01 PM
To: Jacqui Vines Wyatt
Subject: Opening Remarks for RLTF Meeting on Friday, 12/2
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Ms. Jacqui,

Attached are your opening remarks that I drafted for you. Please let me know a good time for you and I to have a call to discuss. I'm still working on the binder table of contents so I’m unsure what tab the Stafford Act update will be in but I will update it before tomorrow.

Attachment: Jacqui Opening Remarks 12-2-16.docx

Opening Remarks

  1. A special thank you to Parish President Robby Miller for hosting us today in Tangipahoa Parish. Upon concluding my opening remarks, President Miller will address the task force, along with other officials that represent Tangipahoa Parish.
  2. Members, please keep in mind that your microphones remain hot so please make sure to keep conversations among yourselves to a minimum or push your chairs away from the microphones.
  3. If anyone in the audience would like to comment on a specific agenda item, please fill out a comment card with a notation of which agenda item you would like to comment on and send it up to the Chair. If your comment is not on a specific agenda item, we will address it during the Public Comment section of the meeting.
  4. Stafford Act Update
    1. Under tab ? of your binders is our bi-weekly Stafford Act update provided by GOHSEP.
  5. Economic Development RSF and Rental Housing Recommendations
    1. We will have presentations, followed by recommendations, by the Economic Development RSF and the Housing RSF, in regards to Rental Housing. Upon the conclusion of each presentation we will vote on a resolution to provide our recommendations to Governor Edwards. Along with the presentation given to us today, the Office of Community Development has held numerous conference calls to discuss, provide and accept input, and answer any questions regarding the presentations & recommendations put forth to us today.

Other Business

  1. Next Meeting
    1. The next RLTF meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 16, 2016. As Mr. Gaudet mentioned earlier in the meeting, Mayor Norris was offered to host us in West Monroe.
  2. Binders
    1. Members, please remember to leave your binders so they can be updated for our next meeting


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