Elevation Footnotes Solution 2 Reconstruction File Processing Version 6 12-28-2018 (Louisiana)

/ 2-7-2019 / File # 75

Elevation Footnotes: (Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program)

(5) Elevation calculations will be based on what the applicant has submitted to the Program and what is stated in their construction contract. If the contract states "foundation" with a dollar amount, the Solution 3 Team will use that value. If the contract includes an itemized breakdown but is listed as "elevation," the Solution 3 Team will use that total value.

(6) The Program will not give any consideration for the applicant's cost of elevation if the applicant is unable to provide separate elevation costs to the Program.

Editors Note: Solution 3 Team is Reimbursement which may actually be processing your elevation as a ECR_REIMB. Contract your reconstruction team for more details.

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