RSF 4 - Housing Working Group

/ 2-3-2019 / File # 71

Good Afternoon,

As part of your role on the Restore Louisiana Task Force (RLTF), the Recovery Support Function working group you are assigned to is RSF 4, Housing. Mayor-President Joel Robideaux has agreed to serve as the RLTF Lead for RSF 4. Your staff support contact for RSF 4 is Ms. Susan Pugliese with the state's Office of Community Development, copied here. She has been in contact with the federal and state leads for RSF 4, and will be reaching out to you to supply information from past meetings and to assist with connecting you into the RSF 4 recovery support function meetings. The intention of connecting you with RSF 4 working groups is to provide you access to federal and state resources (and their data) that will drive your decision-making on recommendations for action by the RLTF.

RSF 4 has held numerous working sessions. They convene each Thursday at 11AM at the JFO, 415 N. 15th St., 3rd floor in the Ops Room. For those unable to join in person, join by dial-in at 1-800-320-4330 PIN #511749.

If you have any questions regarding RSF 4 please contact Ms. Susan Pugliese at either or 225-219-9796.

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