RSF 2 - Economic Working Group

/ 2-3-2019 / File # 68

Good Afternoon,

As part of your role on the Restore Louisiana Task Force (RLTF), the Recovery Support Function working group you are assigned to is RSF 2, Economic. Mr. Adam Knapp has agreed to serve as Chair of the RSF 2. Your staff support contact for RSF 2 is Ms. LaSonta Davenport with the state's Office of Community Development, copied here. She has been in contact with the federal and state leads for RSF 2, and will be reaching out to you to supply information and assist with making the proper connections. The intention of connecting you with RSF 2 is to provide you access to federal and state resources (and their data) that will drive your decision-making on recommendations for action by the RLTF.

RSF 2 has not held any working group meetings as of yet. I understand your working group has initiated discussion of an Economic meeting in the near future, and LaSonta can assist with connecting the appropriate RSF 2 federal and state agencies into your meeting.

If you have any questions regarding RSF2 please contact LaSonta at either or

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