RSF 1 - Community Planning Capacity Building Working Group

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Good Afternoon,

As part of your role on the Restore Louisiana Task Force (RLTF), the Recovery Support Function working group you are assigned to is RSF 1, Community Planning & Capacity Building. Mayor Norris has agreed to serve as Chair of the RSF 1. Your staff support contact for RSF 1 is Ms. Sandra Gunner with the state's Office of Community Development, copied here. She has been in contact with the federal and state leads for RSF 1, and will be reaching out to you to supply information from past meetings and to assist with connecting you into the RSF 1 recovery support function meetings. The intention of connecting you with RSF 1 meetings is to provide you access to federal and state resources (and their data) that will drive your decision-making on recommendations for action by the RLTF.

RSF 1 has held regular working sessions since June. They convene each Thursday in various locations and/or by conference call. In the interim, there are two sub-groups that meet:
(1) Core Sub-group:
The purpose of this smaller group is to provide a setting where state and federal government partners can freely discuss shared strategies pertinent to community recovery planning and community recovery.

(2) Resiliency Symposium Planning Group:
The group's task is to plan & coordinate a statewide Resiliency Symposium for all impacted communities by the first two weeks in December. The tentative date is December 8, 2016, at the Lite Center in Lafayette. Both groups submit their activities to the full RSF 1 for input. Call in numbers are always provided for the meetings.

The next dates for the groups to convene are as follows:
October 6, 2016
Louisiana Municipal Association
700 North 10th Street
Committee Room # 2
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
1:00pm (Core Sub-group): 1-800-320-4330; Pin 517287#
Review the resilience framework that Colorado developed after their 2013 flooding, and Community Risk and Resilience Act developed by New York after Sandy. Get an update on OCD-DRU's recent resilient community's work.
2:00pm (RSF1): 1-800-320-4330; Pin 188303#

October 11, 2016
Resiliency Symposium Planning Group Conference Call
1:00 – 2:30pm
Call in number: 1-888-557-8511, Pin 5490608#
If you have any questions regarding RSF 1 please contact Ms. Sandra Gunner at either or 504-556-9728.

Research Resources:
1. Email 2016. 1 - Community Planning Capacity Building Working Group.pdf

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