Citizens Public Input Information Collection Request: 1-14-2019 CTA / Management IEM questions unanswered, policy and procedures stated as a matter of fact without evidence of such in the homeowners policy manual state of Louisiana

/ 1-14-2019 / File # 56
Information Collection Request:
1. Has your CTA made policy statements that seem odd or unreasonable and are not in the Homeowners Manual as published?
2. Has your CTA refused or ignored your requests for Policy supporting what they are saying and instructing you to do?
3. Have you been told (any manor of) you will be dropped from the program if you do not do what your CTA tells you to do?
4. When you email your CTA, does it take longer than a day or two to be acknowledged?
5. Has your CTA forwarded your email to another department?
6. Have you asked questions that have not been answered or addressed?
7. Are you told to meet in the office to discuss questions even after you ask them to respond by email?
You can PM or Email them to me. Your name will not be used in any report. This data will be used for a Citizens Input Group meeting with the Task Force and Director of OCD-DRU.

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