Freedom of Information Request RLHP Elevation Allowance December 14, 2018 version and explanation by IEM Inc and sub-contractors working on Reconstruction for 2016 flood victims in Louisiana.

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Final determination of your Elevation Allowance.

  • The Program will fund the lesser of the actual cost of elevation.
  • The Program will use the Elevation Allowance Table from the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Manual added in version 5.x Oct. 5, 2018 and approved in Action Plan Amendment 9 dated July 19, 2018.
  • To calculate the maximum elevation allowance the Program will use the square footage shown in your Grant Award.
  • To verify the lowest cost to the Program you must submit on your state licensed contractors letterhead an itemized written cost breakdown of all materials and labor for work related to your elevation. The work must match that of your approved elevation design and permitted design construction drawings that are approved by your local permitting municipality. 
  • Costs are from existing earth subgrade (Note 1) foundation to the lowest point of the new floor system which includes foundation components beams, joists, subfloor and all fasteners associated with the construction of the flooring system. (Note 2)
  • Elevation Calculations: The Program is going to use an elevation certificate, to determine which elevation height to use in the Program Elevation Allowance Table in an effort to establish the Elevation CAP.
    Example: The calculation is based on lowest adjacent grade as noted in the FEMA Form 086-0-33 (7/15), or in the linked certificate of elevation, the elevation of natural grade at 40.7’, up to the base flood elevation plus two feet totaling 46.2’. The difference of 5 ½” feet would establish an Elevation CAP in the 6.0’ height category as noted in the Program Elevation Allowance Table based on the eligible square footage.
  • The costs of beams, joists, subfloor components of the new homes elevated floor system are included in the cost of the homes construction and are excluded from the elevation costs. 
  • Grade beam costs are eligible for reimbursement under the separate award for elevation.
    Under Solution 2 the Program is not dictating an Applicant's design. The Program is asking that the Applicant's licensed contractor advise in writing the costs for elevation, so that the Program can provide a separate award for elevation funding. These costs should represent any materials/labor from the top of the pier or pile down including materials/labor installed below grade that have been included on the construction drawings submitted to the local building official for a new construction building permit.

Note 1: A subgrade is the earth (soil) that has all organic materials removed and the earth has been compacted to support the designed loads above it. It is the layer of earth required to be the base or lowest point in the structures foundation or paved surfaces and slabs

Note 2: Existing earth sub-grade. This may be confusing in that is it the existing homes that has not been demolished or from the new designed home foundation?

Note 3: Information provided by TM, PR, independent contractors of IEM Inc. assigned to the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program.

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