50. Manufactured home owners discriminated against by Louisiana Flood eligibility policy. "Mobile homes that have not been classified as having Major / Severe damage must have sustained at least one foot of flood water inside..." appeals process by IEM?

  • 1-5-2019
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I have been approached by several MHU homeowners regarding homeowner program eligibility and MHU damage assessment appeals.
The Homeowners Policy Manual 5.1 only lists water level as an appeal option. The policy seems to indicate that it was the homeowners responsibility to have documented the water levels before the MHU was demolished, repaired at the homeowners expense or removed from the property.
Our homeowners are very interested in learning why water level appeals are the only appeal method offered. Stick built homes offer damage assessments as well as water level appeals.
From the RLHP Manual v5.1 page 38, “Mobile homes that have not been classified as having Major / Severe damage must have sustained at least one foot of flood water inside the MHU to qualify for replacement.”
Would you point me in the direction where I can find the HUD documents that allow for damage assessments to be based on housing type?
I would like to have a few Manufactured Home homeowners meet with the below listed individuals and / or policy makers to review how and why this specific policy was created for only MHU owners.
Nick.Speyrer@restore-la.org (Public Outreach Office)
alyson.gaharan@restore-la.org (Public Outreach office)
rachel.diresto@restore-la.org (Public Outreach office)
Sean.Fontenot@restore-la.org (Damage Assessment)
(Our Facebook.Com Group Restore LA Program Info Exchange most of you know about us.)

Editors Notes:
Townhomes, apartment complexes, condominiums, stick built homes, structural damage for all other residential building types seem to allow repair / replacement estimated costs or water level. It appears only Manufactured Housing Units (MHU) are restricted to water level appeals only and not actual costs of replacement or repairs. According to the state of Louisiana OCD-DRU Manufactured homes do not have damage sufficient enough to document unless the water level was 12 inches or more.

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