Freedom of Information Request Request for the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Solution 1 Reconstruction Floor Plans price list.

FAQ#: 33 published 1-4-2019

Date 10-18-2018

Request the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Solution 1 Reconstruction Floor Plans price list. 
If no standard price list is available then I would like to request a copy of payments to the following sub-contractors for any of the following reconstruction floor plans. 
(Floor plan PDFs

Invoices TO IEM Inc. FROM CORE Construction , Roy Anderson Corp., Dynamic Construction Group, Design & Build Consultants, TKTMJ Inc. for the following named reconstruction floor plans. 

The Daisy - 856 sq ft

The Rose - 1074 sq ft
The Cypress - 1260 sq ft
The Lilly - 1260 sq ft
The Brookmont - 1421 sq ft
The Dogwood - 1500 sq ft
The Pelican - 1680 sq ft
The Willow - 1702 sq ft
The Magnolia - 2100 sq ft
The Live Oak - 2102 sq ft

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