27. Freedom of Information Request: Guidance, law or policy related to allowing a common citizen to be added to the Louisiana Restore Task Force Meeting agenda.

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Date 8-28-2018

Request the following information.
Guidance, law or policy related to allowing a common citizen to be added to the Louisiana Restore Task Force Meeting agenda.
If a person has a solution and typical congressional channels fail how can a solution reach the task force agenda?

I have read the Executive order regarding the task force must create a mechanism to allow for public input. I have emailed and called task force members with no success to how I can be added to the agenda.

Here is the reference in the Executive order.
I need to find the actual "Mechanism" to which this passage references.
Executive Order JBE-2016-65
  • Section 2: The duties of the Task Force include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • A. The Task Force shall establish both short and long-term priorities in developing plans for recovery and redevelopment. Such priorities and plans shall draw upon traditional state resources and programs and create special programs dedicated to responding to the aftermath of the flooding. Such priorities and plans shall include timelines and benchmark goals. There must be a mechanism for public input and the opportunity to modify priorities and plans based on such input. These priorities and plans shall focus on the following areas: (1) housing and redevelopment; (2) economic and workforce development; (3) education; (4) infrastructure and transportation; (5) healthcare; (6) fixcal stability; (7) family services; and (8) agriculture.
>>> Response State of Louisiana OCD-DRU DOA <<<
Date: 8-30-2018

This is to acknowledge your e-mail submission of August 28, 2018, below. Please note that that the Louisiana Public Record Law allows for requests of existing documents and not generally for submission of questions, discussions, requests for research, or creation of documents. Also, it is important to state as succinctly as possible the documents which you are requesting to avoid ambiguity or confusion. Your e-mail below is being interpreted as how you can be “added to the agenda” of Restore Task Force meetings.

With respect to your inquiry below, each agenda posted for Restore Task Force meetings includes an agenda item for public comment period. Those agendas may be found among the documents located on the following website: http://restore.la.gov/resources/ .

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