PPP Forgiveness Application SBA and Treasury Release Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application.

FAQ#: 252 published 5-16-2020

If you applied for PPP you should know that all rules have been continuously updated with the last update 5-13-2020.

  • DO NOT assume the forms are up to date with the rules.
  • DO NOT think for a minute that Form 3508 can not be updated via SBA SOP.

This is how the agency operates. I would suggest you review all FAQ's and all documents you haven't read before filing your forgiveness application that is very straight forward.

Word of caution, I found several online websites claiming to be offering the form on their websites to complete and download. If you know the website owner and have him or her over for pizza and movie nights then you can trust them with the form. Otherwise I strongly suggest you buy a printer, complete the forms, sign them and email, US Postal Mail and Fax them to the SBA or as they instruct in their Form 3508 instructions published under the For Borrowers category.

For Borrowers

Program Rules

What I have posted changes often, even today's US Treasury page is missing an update to Seasonal Partnerships PPP loan amounts published on 5-15-2020 in the FAQ's.

The links I posted are valid but I also suggest using the original source which can be found here. 

My SBA Disaster Recovery Loan group on Facebook has the discussion at this link: 


Resources are US Treasury and SBA.




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