AMI Reports from 2018 and 2019 for 80% AMI and 120% AMI which would be limits. HUD CDBG and HUD CDBG-DR .

AMI / 6-16-2019 / File:# 135

State of Louisiana HUD CDBG-DR AMI (%) Percentage.

AMI up to 80% 2018 (low to moderate) PDF Download.

AMI up to 120% 2018/19 (average) PDF Download.

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If your AMI changed from below 80% to over 80% and under 120% you can appeal that your increase has not been for two consecutive years. Over 120% AMI you can argue on the same grounds if your increase has not been for 2 consecutive years.

Those of you that are over HUD's income limits (120%) and would like to understand more about how HUD determines over income limits this link is for you.
Resource link: FR-2018-07-26

AMI Formulas:
Very Low Income (VLI) * 2.4 = 120% AMI.
Very Low Income is 50% AMI.

Example: State wide VLI family of 2 = $24,850
$24,850 * 2.4 = $59,640 120% or HUD Income Limit.

So be sure the state doesn't use the math I just showed you. Some areas are much higher while others are lower. The state really likes to put everyone in one box, so look out for a spreadsheet with the above calculations in VLI for your areas.

Example: Louisiana State Wide 120% AMI.


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