Cost Analysis for Elevated New Construction Homes

/ 3-30-2019 / File # 113

Cost Analysis for Elevated New Construction Homes.

Overview: As part of the Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Program, IEM was tasked to provide a cost analysis for elevated new construction homes within the program. The cost analysis is intended to provide a realistic expectation of the additional costs that can be expected when constructing a foundation capable of elevating a home 3 feet or greater above existing ground.

Design Assumptions: While various constructions methods and designs may be considered, it is necessary to develop the cost analysis around similar floorplan layouts. This approach allows for the analysis to illustrate on how the total cost of construction efforts may vary depending upon floorplan size without being skewed with other design details. The following assumptions were considered:

  • Single story home with a pier and beam foundation.
  • Light Weight Timber Frame construction.
  • Floor system elements are included in the previously determined construction cost of the home.
  • Site work and Clean-up is included in the previously determined construction cost of the home.
  • Required Pile length of 35' per pile (poor soil conditions)
    2' wide x 1' deep concrete grade beam cast-in-place at grade to laterally support piles and, if necessary, vertically support CMU piers.
  • Two means of egress (stairs) per home.
    All connections between foundation elements are included in the unit price.
  • All labor, equipment, and materials are included in the unit price.
  • 30' wide foundation plan with varying lengths to accommodate the program determined floorplan sizes.
    Construction methods based on IRC 2015 or newer.
  • Engineering costs include designed drawings, acquisition of all relevant geotechnical information, any necessary site visits for compliance inspection, and any required final as-built drawings.

2100 sf plan with 6 Foot Elevation:

Item Unit Rate Qty Unit Unit Cost
Timber Pilings 2100 /sf $24.00 945 LF $22,680
4 " Concrete Under Building 2100 /sf $4.00 2100 SF $8,400
CMU Block $23.00 360 EA $8,280
Survey 2100 /sf $1,200 1 LS $1,200
Geotechnical 2100 /sf $0.96 2,100 SF $2,019.23
Engineering 2100 /sf $2.70 2,100 SF $5,665.24
Elevation Certificate 2100 /sf $1,200 1 LS $1,200
As Builts 2100 /sf $1,500 1 LS $1,500
Stairs / Landings 2100 /sf $5,000 1 $5,000
Façade Up Charge for Elevation 2100 /sf $0.77 2100 $1,623.93
Total Cost $57,568.40
Price Per SQ FT $27.41

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