Reforming Disaster Recovery Act of 2019

/ 3-26-2019 / File # 109

Reforming Disaster Recovery Act of 2019

Bill Summary: The Reforming Disaster Recovery Act of 2019 would permanently authorize the CDBG-DR program as well as address concerns that have been raised about the administration of the program.27 Among other requirements, the discussion draft would mandate that:

  1. (1) HUD disburse one-third of CDBG-DR funds within 60 days and the other two-thirds within 180 days of a Congressional appropriation;
  2. (2) HUD, FEMA, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) work together to better improve data sharing and to reduce duplication of benefits between agencies; and
  3. (3) any CDBG-DR-funded new construction, repair, or rehabilitation utilize minimum federal standards for flood risk mitigation and storm water protection.

Additionally, the discussion draft would allow cities and counties with well-developed disaster relief resources to become pre-certified to receive funding more quickly.

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