State Homeland Security and Emergency Management agencies are costing homeowners Millions by not knowing how the sequence of disaster assistance works.

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State Homeland Security and Emergency Management agencies are costing homeowners Millions by not knowing how the sequence of disaster assistance works. It's also a known fact that each states Homeland Security and Emergency Management agencies are trained by FEMA which advises each state to send disaster victims to the SBA after applying for FEMA Grants.

The pieces are falling in place now that I'm following every states disaster program. It appears our weakest link is actually the states GOHSEP which advises under FEMA rules. This is the first step in correcting major issues with SBA loans for all future disasters. Either our GOHSEP starts telling the truth about the sequence of disaster recovery or we have a citizens group ask for equal air time to tell the people the state is lying by omitting the truth behind disaster recovery and the sequence of delivery.

It's also worth noting that while the state is preparing it's summary brief for HUD just weeks after the disaster the same state officials are telling you all to apply for SBA loans. Our state was aware of the outcome, asked for $2 billion in disaster recovery from HUD and announced we had historical SBA loan amounts given. At one time was estimated over $600 million then was lowered to $400 million. Currently it's estimated at $245.5 million which the state knew would not come out of the HUD funds because of DOB.

For all those conspiracy enthusiastic you can now tie any and all Not for Profits and Professionals that GOHSEP called in to speak at Task Force Meetings part of the problem in that they also were in the space to receive the correct information but they did not voice the information. How did we allow the state to ask for over $2 billion in American Taxpayers Money with the intent to default the American Taxpayers by pushing disaster victims to SBA Disaster Loans?

"Mr. Riley: Part of the FEMA process in the individual assistance program is when you register, they will not process your registration any further unless you first gone to the SBA and applied. The individual assistance grant program in FEMA terms is a grant program of last resorts, so they are going to make you go and look for other available federal programs first. And only if you get denied for SBA or the approved loan is not sufficient to cover all of the expenses caused by the damage then the other programs and individual assistance program will kick in."
Research Resource: Restore Louisiana Task Force Meeting Sept. 28, 2016. 

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