If you or someone you know is at risk of losing their home to foreclosure please pass information to them about the HUD Rapid Rehousing Program.

/ 3-21-2019 / File # 106

Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program Action Plan Amendment 10 placed $5 million in additional grant funds for those of you that need help keeping from foreclosure on there mortgage.

The program was designed for Low income households of 50% AMI or lower. The state OCD-DRU lists the Restore Program is taking 80% AMI or below. But don't let income requirements leave you homeless, I know the state can waive income requirements if it's in the best interest of HUD's national objective to reduce homelessness.

The link below offers more information than what the state is offering.

Have the homeowner contact their case worker or call the toll free number from Restore.La.Gov website to sign up for this grant program.

Don't let debt from the disaster be the reason your family goes homeless.


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