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Published November 2 2016 updated March 3 2019 2 min. 24 seconds read
Summary at a Glance
Many homeowners may not realize that being their own contractor can be very rewarding and cost saving at the same time. If you knew the Cake Baker and retired IT Programmer were some of your choices in contractors who would you trust with your home?

It's not well known but nearly all homeowners today can and should be their own contractor for many projects that are what the trades call normal maintenance and normal repairs.

Why wait for a hail storm to replace your old roofing material? You can sub-contract skilled trade people that know how to do a roof. These are the same people the Baker and IT guy that got a state license to do roofs but actually do nothing with your roof except collect the additional 25% or more they reward themselves with for holding the name of contractor.

It's time to stop paying for those that aren't doing the work or aren't in the business seriously or for their livelihood.

Would you pay a carpenter to do your taxes? How about your accountant to do your flooring. Let''s move to your garage and hire a carpet guy to do your concrete. I think you get what I am saying, you don''t want to hire anyone or any company that didn't start with a tradesman or skilled craftsman. If you do, it''s just homeowner to business person or in most cases, homeowner to salesman because if you can''t swing the hammer you sell the hammer which doesn't mean you don''t smash your thumb it just means you sell the thumb smashing to someone else and keep a little of the profits in your pocket.

We will share some of our member experiences as homeowner and property owner contractor roles.
When we say send out bids we want you to send out bids. Typically you will be told to send 3 bids requests out and you might simply search the internet and pick the top 3 companies you find.

That was yesturday's search method.

Today we will explore how to search for skilled craftsman and skilled tradesman then find the businesses they own or the businesses they are working for. We first do this by driving around areas that have signs in the front yard or permits in the windows. Take a look, a close look at the permit, it will show the contractors company name or the homeowners name. Stop by and introduce yourself to the contractor or the homeowner and share what you are looking to do at your home.

When you start networking the old fashioned way you may learn very quickly that the actual contractor is hardly ever on the project site. But when you find the main person make sure you talk and get a number or email. Email is best because we really want everything in print, even the simple questions.


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