How do I share my disaster recovery project repairs?
You must become a member of TruckAndTools.Com, make a post sharing what needs to be repaired then add to your post as you complete your repairs the how, who, what, when and where of it all.

By Murray Wennerlund published 9-10-2022 updated 9-10-2022

Publishing your required repairs is free for registered members and it's free to become a registered member.

You can use your post to share how you recovered or use it to share you need assistance.

Each page is easy to share to social media. 

You can also use your post as a library of your repair processes. If you take enough pictures and video's you can asked the online community for feedback which can be provided by members using the messaging system here at Truck And Tools. 

If you are working with FEMA, HUD, State agencies, Insurance, SBA, private lenders or a not for profit ask your questions to find those who have blazed a path to a successful disaster recovery before you. 

Use the menu links above to browse projects then register, sign in and follow the "My Posts" link to add your project to our website.