EIDG Economic Injury Disaster GRANT

EIDG Economic Injury Disaster GRANT

GRANT = CARES Act H.R. 748 Sec. 1110. Emergency EIDL grants. This was designed to help you with quick cash and promised by Congress, not the SBA.

The SBA setup, Economic Injury Disaster Grant (EIDG).

  • If the SBA finds any reason to not provide you with your EIDG they will send you a letter to apply for reconsideration.

  • If the SBA does not see a checkbox checked and correct bank account information the SBA my say nothing. You are responsible for verification of the EIDG requested checkbox check mark.

  • For best results, wait until you receive your portal invite and create your online portal before you ask for EIDG status updates.

The SBA appears to not have added the EIDG to their datafeeds. That means agencies will not be able to check the status of your EIDG.
(Ask your congressional representatives)

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