Disaster Unemployment Assistance is not managed by Tier 2 SBA agents.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance always is issued by one agency and controlled by another and has nothing to do with the SBA.

FEMA will authorize your DUA based on your governors request or in the case of the COVID-19 the national declaration. FEMA activates the program;

Then the ongoing managing agency for the DUA program is our U.S. Department of Labor.

Now, the Pandemic / COVID-19 or the actual FEMA identifier which is published in the announcement section and is unique to each state like Louisiana Covid-19 (EM-3459) will have updated programs that are associated with the declared disaster.

In CARES Act HR 748 SEC. 2104. Emergency increase in unemployment compensation benefits. ...

(B) an additional amount of $600 (in this section referred to as “Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation”).

The DUA was modified to allow a federal taxpayer dollar increase of $600 per week and signed into public law 116-136.

My Conclusion: The SBA Tier 2 people may know how to read but they are not in the disaster recovery sequence of delivery of disaster unemployment assistance.

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