May I request an increase in the amount of an economic injury loan?

FAQ#: 370 published 8-6-2020

123.19: May I request an increase in the amount of an economic injury loan?

SBA will consider your request for an increase in the loan amount if you can show that the increase is essential for your business to continue and is based on events occurring after SBA approved your original loan which were beyond your control. For example, delays may have occurred beyond your control which prevent you from resuming your normal business activity in a reasonable time frame. Your request for an increase in the loan amount must be related to the disaster for which the SBA economic injury disaster loan was originally made.

Note: Your request for additional EIDL funding will come as a second EIDL loan and will be in paper format that the SBA will mail to you. Your first application processed by the Streamline Application page will not be used for your second loan. It will be all by email and US Postal mail.

Page 15072 Federal Register/ Vol. 63, No. 60/ Monday, March 30, 1998/ Rules and Regulations.


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