Truck and Tools Publishing Options.

You need to get the work to make ends meet with your truck, tools and your skills.

TruckandTools.Com is designed to allow you publishing space which is 24/7 unlimited advertisement space.

You might have a website which is good but so do 90 million ohters.

You might use spot or square ads on sites but those ads end very quickly and the long term investment at the income levels of our group don't make ends meet all the time.

It's best to have a static page promoting yourself that is part of a group that is growing which adds to the base and increases it's reach.

In ohter words, you need TruckandTools.Com to help you expand your marketing reach and TruckandTools.Com needs you to expand it's categories which will expand the overall reach. (Reach is how many internet viewers we have discover us based solely on our group.)

The base fee allows you to:

  • Publish all your skills.
  • Upload photos and documents.
  • Read and view the details of bid projects.
  • Spotlight your name and skills to project owners and customers.
  • Private Messaging within the site allows you to screen before calling.
  • You are offered full contact details of the project owner.
  • Once you win the project your member ID is linked to the project and it is archived.
  • Project owner can submit directly to your profile comments and images about the project.

TruckandTools.Com can and will help you with your publishing by screening your posts before allowing them to go public. We have to make sure you have all your services detailed and not in just one posting. The process allows people to browse based on needs which requires a new post for every trade or skill you have. You might think this is a bit much to ask for but, if you spend 15 minutes publishing each skill that is displayed 24/7 to many people it is a very good idea to promote yourself completely. It's included in the price and we don't want to hear, "I can do that" and find you didn't tell anyone in a post.