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SBA Disaster Loan Program, the Duplication of Benefits story by a disaster victim

Sept. 21, 2016 2 years from that day I am writing about an issue that has plagued our home and 15,000 other homes in the state of Louisiana since the Great Floods of 2016 also known as DR-4263 and DR-4277

  • Is this the answer to SBA Loans HR 302 Vote 9-24-2018 SEC. 1210. DUPLICATION OF BENEFITS
    Murray Wennerlund

    It was announced today, 9-22-2018 that the SBA Fix is in! Yes, finally, those that took the SBA Disaster Loan program federal assistance funds can finally not have their loan calculated as a duplication of benefits once the Governor asks the US President.

  • DOB Duplication of Benefit Sources
    Writers Pool

    Understanding what HUD determines as Duplication of Benefits DOB and understanding the Guidance that HUD offices may not be what your States Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit understands. Are they working your interest?

  • How CDBG DR policy and SBA Loans as Duplication of Benefits DOB all started 2011
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    The grantee should identify the full amount of assistance for which the applicant was approved 30,000.


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