Living on Percentages Disaster Recovery Plan.

This may not be the plan or the path you take but it is our path and it's our plan that we are using which with all it's faults and all it's successes is on our shoulders as we travel the path unknown to most of us. The path to disaster recovery by living a percentages life.

What is living on percentages?
It's a simple budget method, you simply take the total amount of your income then deduct each expense you have measured in equal time spans with your income and then calculate the percentage of your income that your expense is taking.

This method for us allows more focus on items that cost the most. When we see the percentage of our income taken by a single expense we can address each expense based on many factors, needs, wants, necessity, etc. Then we can justify the expense to income ratio and if not, we work to lower the percentage or eliminate the expense.

At times it might take great effort to live by percentages. You might feel this is not going to work. You might not like the plan at all. This is your choice, you can go your own path for your own recovery. I'm not saying my solution is going to help you. I'm saying I will share with you my solution to our specific disaster related problem so you can make the choice yourself. Come up with your own solution, follow the status quo solutions, trust your government solutions or follow our solution.

You have a choice, you can even abandon your disaster zone and do nothing, that is your choice.

If you owe more than $1.00 toward your disaster recovery or if you owe $100,000.00 it&rsquos going to be the same path, the same direction, the same options that we are taking. You just might find yourself working longer at your recovery once we put into focus your percentage of needs vs. requirements.

We had to ask ourselves.

  • Are we willing to take on a Homeowner Contractor Rebuilding Lifestyle?
  • Can we follow a plan and keep focused throughout your rebuilding phase?

We know the following to be true.

  • It will not be easy.
  • It will require us to share financial information. (not personal information or identifiable information.)
  • It will require us to shamelessly promote ourselves and our rebuilding efforts with a published plan so others will learn from our successes and our failures.
  • It will require us to trust in people we don&rsquot know.
  • It will require us to second guess and question every political process we know of and those we will learn about.
  • It will require inner faith and at times the strength of an Ironman champion.

Are we really and truly ready to rebuild after the disaster?

You will be creating a recovery budget and you will have it published by percentages not actual cash dollar amounts. You are going to monitor your expenses and transfer money from one area to another as your manage your household expenses. You will not use any short term lenders or any high priced loans. You will not pawn personal items nor will you steal from a neighbor. You are going to learn how life is rebuilding without the state or federal government involved. But you are going to take advantage of anything your state and federal government offers as long as the long term costs are justified and it meets your specific needs and goals.
Once you start this program there is no going back, no canceling, no failing and no time limits. It&rsquos based on your available percentage of free cash and our shameless promotions of our program.

Why did I say Shameless promotion?
You will be telling everyone that you meet what you are doing.
You will be offering your PayPal email address and a link to your progress report online that is updated weekly.
You are going to accept a strangers dollar to help your rebuild.
You are going to be walking with a tin cup and smiling because you are doing what you can every minute of your day with everyone you meet.
In line at McDonald? You just messed up, you brown back your lunch, no eating at fast food, you buy what is on sale at the store and use that refrigerator for what you purchased it for, to store food.
Get a used lunch box, cool packs, whatever it takes without spending money.

You are now living by percentages and it&rsquos a plan developed to help you recover from disasters like no other plan.

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