Example Cases

Rebuild Recover Restore Resilient Example Cases of Disaster Recovery.

Rebuilding after a disaster my require labor and materials only but to recover from your disaster will take time. To restore yourself, your household, your life to pre-disaster condition you must stay focused and keep moving forward. This isn't a "Feel Good" section this is a hard hitting you are your own recovery system and if you don't get your plan in action no one will do it for you. You need to completely Rebuild, Recover, Restore and become more Resilient than ever.

  • Are Grants offered by HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief CDBG DR right for your household?
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    This is a non-official report from victims of the 2016 Floods in Louisiana. Many of us have not been able to complete our rebuilding process due to the costs of repairs, our unmet damage needs and lack of insurance or federal funding.

  • Is elevating to Base Flood Elevation enough to protect my home
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    When you purchased your home your Base Flood Elevation may have looked good at first, but now that you have flooded and your home was at B.F.E. what should you do?

  • What does 2000 flooded homes look like on a map

    Imagine if all 14,000 homes were given a stick pin for the map, you wouldn't be able to see the map at all.

  • Louisiana desperate homeowners placing land with structures up for collateral

    52 hours after the August 2016 Louisiana flood we had hundreds people going street by street, house by house placing signs for Kitchens, Drywall, Flooring, Buying flooded homes, loans, property sales and several get rich quick in disaster zone types