Residential Owners
Residential Owners

New Construction projects seem to have gone from a joyous and often fun project to nothing but headaches and regrets. Don't let those that got into the industry to make a fast buck take away the pleasure of having your home built for you. We want you to build and we want your home to be built right. Let's question those we are paying top dollar to and make sure we are getting the quality that will make our homes safe for generations to come.

It was said, "A builder that knows code knows about 70% of what it takes to build a home." It seems just finding the 70% has become a difficult task. You'll have to expect wait times because the very few that are building it right the first time are very busy.

What to do when asked for something you know nothing about?

We do not offer construction management or construction advice. We do offer a place online for you to learn from and what they did. You have the option to applying that information to your case or not. We just want to share information, experience and knowledge. Our policy is not to tell you anything at all. Our policy is to share with you everything we might think will help you. From poor management by state and local officials to fantastic groups that can get things done.

We work with many people and assist hundreds online and offline. We are building a new type of online service. One that you can invest in, be proud that you are a member of and feel you are getting 100% what you need out of our online community.

We say get involved because for everyone we help we expect you to in turn help another. If you can't do the work physically, if you can't spare the time then it's material and financial support we ask of you. In any combination we want you to feel proud you were able to help another household without any grand fanfare.

Actual Cost of Elevation vs. Xactimate Cost Estimating
Murray Wennerlund

When tasked to estimate the costs of elevation for a new home you have to use tools that clearly identify the specific components to be used in your project. Many in the industry use the same formulas used for slab-on-grade builds as they do for elevated.

Permit Application Denham Springs LA. Learn the Cost Formula before you write the check!
Murray Wennerlund

When you need to learn how the city, county, parish calculates the value of your new home. Its could be better to use the formula your municipality offers instead of guessing what the value for your new construction project is.