The road less traveled may lead to better disaster recovery
You may owe money in the Louisiana Restore program and may not know how you are going to handle things. You are not alone, many people in Louisiana are feeling like the recovery efforts are not suited for our disaster.

By Supervisor published 5-2-2018 updated 5-4-2022

I would like to work with at least 10 homeowners that are in Solution Two or not in the Restore LA Homeowners Program at all.
If you owe money because of Duplication of Benefits or you have no money on hand because you spent it all trying to recover from the flood.

I don't claim to have all the answers, and most of my solutions do require work that doesn't come in a government pill form.

You may need to ask for help at times and you will be asked to reduce your spending at all times.

I'm posting our process and mixing in our federal grant applications into the mix, I never want you to not try and get grant funds or any other money that will not lead you into debt. That's the solution, how to budget while you are in recovery so you can handle the debt this disaster has caused you or maybe if all works correctly you will be debt free.

In all cases your savings and current assets may change, I'm not saying you are going to profit from a disaster, that's not going to happen and if it did, I'd think you had some insider information that others don't.

Sign up, when you feel it's time to really start working on your budget and getting your home repaired from your disaster.

Most all the features I will be pointing out are created by me. Most people call them online apps, they are online, they are applications (apps) because they are created with a programming language that allows things to produce different results with different inputs.

My budget workbook will be the first complete online disaster recovery budget designed for your disaster recovery lifestyle. That is if you select to be your own homeowner contractor and really want to work at keeping debt down to a minimum.