Don't let termite shields take your elevated homes design and character to the trash heap.
More and more I see builders using aluminum roof valley flashing for what they think is a termite shield.

By Murray Wennerlund published 4-19-2022 updated 11-3-2022

Termites will create a tunnel tube over most building materials and roof valley flashing is no exception. 

When you find your termite shield flat against your CMU blocks you're not even close to providing some type of obstacle for your subterranean visitors. 

Termite shields are not designed to stop your termites from making their tunnels up the side of your house. They are designed to make it a bit more difficult and a lot more noticeable to inspection. 

So when you start your elevated home, think about who's going to be doing your termite shields and build them into the design of your home. If you like shiny aluminum then let your roofer install valley flashing that will lay flat no matter how much you try to form corners. 

Let me share with you my design, you can make these yourself or allow me to manufacture a matching sets for your next build. You can even paint to match your siding. 

The design is very simple and the material is found at any local box store. 


How they look on columns.