Truck and Tools, How it works for you.

Finding a Professional can happen in a couple of ways.

You can:

  • Browse the categories and select a Truck and Tools Professional.
  • You can publish your job, project or task and have a Truck and Tools Professional contact you.

It's best to mix both methods and I'll show you just want I mean by offering a simple example.

I'll get into more details as we go in the help sections specific to each category and / or page.

Benefits of Truck and Tools. (Besides offering skilled trade professionals up to win your projects.)

  • Everything is documented by photographs or video. (please, no singing video projects)
    If you are posting a project we need to see what we have to work with.
    If you are finishing a project both the Pro and the Project owner needs to do a couple of pictures together so we all can see the great work and that you're willing to tell the world. It's not required but, it is very helpful for our neighbors to know who did the work and how well you liked it. Most of us don't have fancy logos on our trucks and don't put out yard signs while we work.

Your Project Title:
We need to create a title that offers some clue to what you are looking for.
Example: Flooring 2,900 SqFt home in Denham Springs, LA.

Your Project Summary: 
This is a short less than 250 characters summary of what you expect to have done. This is added to the search and indexing of the site.

Your Projects Details:
If you have allot of information to share about the project like 5 pages of measurements or a detailed list of materials you want to use this is the section you need to list everything in.

Your Photo's and Images:
For some of us a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Even example images. If you have an idea and can offer a picture or image to show just what you would like completed feel free to upload them.  All projects before and after shots are really needed so the Professional has a good phone reference of the work. 

That's about all you need really, you can use the additional fields provided to offer dates, budgets, locations etc.

Speaking of budgets and I know we all have them. It's important that you know many professionals are actually part of our unemployed workers group and often came from the construction or building trades. Even automotive mechanics have their down periods. It's great to find a professional that is going out on their own earning a living and building a reputation of being great in quality. We all can't be perfect but we can balance the projects so everyone comes out a winner. From lawn care to antic clearing to roof patch and asphalt sealing and even wood working to replace the broken table leg you have been holding on to for years.

Write to me if you have any questions, the site is owned and operated by a Professional that just happens to know how to program, code and has a 1 Ton van with everything needed to keep a home and vehicle in great condition. 





My Project Flooring.

I had a project putting down some flooring
Actually it was close to 2,000 sqft of flooring.
I needed to remove the old flooring, level the concrete then lay the new floor.
The task was a bit more than I expected so a couple of "Family Friends" were called in.
Not coming from any type of trades background the work wasn't done correctly and the floor came up and back in the boxes.

About a week or two later while out in town with my service van I had a person come up to me asking if I might be interested in some gently used tires for my van. I have one of those odd tire sizes that most tire stores don't carry, 16.5 and this guy knew it from the street. Anyway, after talking for a few minutes I found out he was the lead for a major contractor doing flooring. Long story short, I called his references, asked for a price and he did the job perfect.

It was all luck finding him.

This site is going to offer you the luck that I have. The stories are all true and the pictures have to be in original size better than 5MP to be submitted unless you indicate that it's only a sample image. I do know most of us professionals don't think about taking pictures of our work but that's all changed after the smartphone and easy publishing. Now, every category and every professional will have a photo backing up what they say and you can offer up before and after photo's with the contractor.

I'm even adding video to the reviews so you can know 100% this is real.


The idea is simple, you might have actually published a project request the old fashioned way by asking neighbors and friends or even the person in the checkout line in front of you who they used.

I know I was with my gal in a fast food restaurant when a guy spotted my service van and asked me if I might be interested in some gently used tires.
It wasn't actually about the tires, we started talking because of the tires and found out he worked for a local contractor doing flooring. Next thing we knew I had 4 tires and the house was getting 2,000sqft of flooring. I was planning on doing it myself but when the price was negociated I ended up finishing out all the trim work instead.

You might have posted a note at the supermarket or at work or even at church.
Today we seem to use the Internet more and more which is why I've place this site up on my servers.

You see, I'm a consumer as well as a Truck and Tool Professional. I have 6 years Automotive training and small engine mechanics as well as years building and refinishing furniture. We all are pro's to a degree.

When you need work and that truck and tools is sitting outside idle you'll appreciate the publishing this site will do for you.

When you have a task or a project you can use this site to publish what you need completed.

It's all about having images, drawings or even a doodle if you must online so you can have one of the pro's make an offer. Sometimes it's going to be required to measure out things but we can offer an estimate before arrival in most cases.

If you're good with a tape measure or even want to be part of the project you are more than welcome to be the Professionals helper. I'm not saying you are going to be using any tools but you might need to make a local store run for materials.

Results of a Perfect Project. From one generation to the next, we know if your project is designed perfectly you will have perfect results no matter if it's 1928, 1995 or 2024.