Quality Controls and inspections related to Estimates with missing items
The state of Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit creates contracts with companies to do a job for disaster victims. Its the homeowners responsibility to report any errors or omissions to the OCD no matter how small.

By Writers Pool published 6-4-2018 updated 6-27-2018

We have had some discussion about Quality Controls and inspections related to Estimates with missing items.

I want you all to know that Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC gets paid by the UNIT which means it's per household.

Read the contract and then tell me you aren't going to report mistakes.

Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC Contract with Louisiana OCD-DRU


Company info:
​Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC

DUN Number: ​012836610

State Date​ 11/6/2017 ​

Estimated end date 11/5/2019

Contract max amount: ​$10,000,000

Brief Description of Contract: ​RestoreLA home inspections, quality assurance and quality control

Areas that will interest you.

  • Section 4 Payments
  • Section 12 Sub-contractors

If it takes them 20 times to get measurements correct they still only get paid one time for the unit.


If you accept their mistakes you just gave this company free money for not doing their jobs.

They actually don't do the work, it's their sub-contractors so again, you are paying people to make mistakes.

You can only offer QC and QA on data collected that is perfect.

If I take one picture of one room and measure one room and finished my report my QA and QC will be perfect for one room.

The QC is completed by pictures, homes description, etc. If data is omitted it passes QC many times.