Ineligible Due to Non-Responsiveness and Ineligible Due to Failure to Provide Required Documentation
HUD CDBG-DR Grants for Disaster Recovery You have the right to appeal. Your state will list how many days you have to respond to any communications.

By Murray Wennerlund published 8-14-2022 updated 8-14-2022

Example: In the state of Louisiana, any communications to you regarding HUD CDBG-DR grants managed by the OCD-DRU working under the name of Restore Louisiana Homeowners Program gives you 7 calendar days to respond. If you do not respond your grant could be rescinded. The state will not tell you this information in their communications and will not offer your right to appeal. According to the state it is your responsibility to find the documentation and educate yourself to the policy and procedures of the program you are applying for.

SBA Loan applications your disaster loans are covered by the SOP used by the SBA. In general you have 30 days to appeal from the date of the letter. If you did not respond you are responsible to justify why you are late. Maybe you needed a copy of your mortgage and that took 28 days. Your appeal will need to justify your delay and if you have the information you would submit it with your appeal. Appeals have to be sent by US Mail to the address listed by the SBA on your Loan Authorization and Agreement (LA&;A).

State Agency declares you non-responsive you must follow your department of administrations policy on appeals. For most it would simply be an exception request sent to state managers of the agency to which you were responsible to respond in a reasonable time period.

Reasonable time periods for federal is typically 30 days. For States this can vary between 7 calendar days to 90 days. For the state of Louisiana anyone in the disaster recovery program has 7 calendar days to respond to letters, emails and phone calls. If you do not, you are listed as inactive and will have your account terminated 30 days from the date you were listed inactive.