CDBG-DR Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery

HUD CDBG-DR program will be the most difficult program you attempt to navigate due to the number of process, direction, guidance and program rules you must follow.

HUD OIG report 2017 may offer a hint of a solution to the SBA Loan Declined still showing as DOB

HUD OIG published its recommendations and HUD made its comments. But still today we are seeing thousands of low income families penalized for duplication of disaster recovery benefits that they did not receive and did not want to take.

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/18/2018 4 min. 33 seconds read

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H.R.1892 Bipartisan Budget Act DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Community Planning And Development

We are not lawyers but we do know when something just doesn't set well with the masses. 3,800 Louisiana flood victims have been refused HUD Grants under the guidance of Governor John Bel Edwards and the state of Louisiana Office of Community Development.

by Contributor published 7/1/2018 13 min. 8 seconds read

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Bank traps mortgage holders under flood waters by denying forced mortgage payoff letter. UPDATE 7-2-2019

Many of us never think to ask our home mortgage lenders if they would force us to pay off our mortgage if our home was destroyed by natural disaster.

by Writers Pool published 5/3/2018 updated 9-5-2019 10 min. 11 seconds read

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HUD requires an Environmental Inspection prior to awarding CDBG-DR grants

What state leaders do not understanding is more than a few of these homes required to have Environmental inspections are owned by homeowners that will NOT qualify for CDBG-DR grants no matter the outcome of their environmental inspection.

by Supervisor published 4/28/2018 updated 3-21-2019 9 min. 57 seconds read

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When does a HUD required environmental review cost taxpayers millions in wasted expenses

When you dont plan your process and your process includes an environmental inspection before you qualify the homeowner for CDBG-DR Grant funding you are wasting taxpayer money and your own allocated recovery funds.

by Writers Pool published 4/28/2018 updated 3-21-2019 2 min. 6 seconds read

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HUD Rulings on Duplication of Benefit DOB Sources

Understanding what HUD determines as Duplication of Benefits DOB and understanding the Guidance that HUD offices may not be what your States Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit understands. Are they working your interest?

by Writers Pool published 4/15/2018 updated 1-15-2022 5 min. 10 seconds read

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Are Grants offered by HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief CDBG DR right for your household?

This is a non-official report from victims of the 2016 Floods in Louisiana. Many of us have not been able to complete our rebuilding process due to the costs of repairs, our unmet damage needs and lack of insurance or federal funding.

by Writers Pool published 3/22/2018 updated 1-15-2022 13 seconds read

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