HUD Office of Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling.


By Writers Pool published 8-6-2020
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HUD Office of Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling. Dont wait for the last minute to ask for help.

Put this on your Calendar Reminder for one day this week.


Email Subject: Small Business Owner impacted by COVID-19 in need of housing assistance.

Email Body:

Good Morning,

I am contacting you today because I am reaching my financial limits for my debt responsibilities between my business with employees and my home and my household.

I do not want to reach the point where I have to make the decision to close my business and layoff my employees, but based on current reopening guidelines I may have to protect my family first unless I can receive debt relief from my own housing expense.

I would like to discuss with you [MORTGAGE / RENT] interim assistance while my business follows state and local reopening guidelines and I am allowed to continue to assist my employees to stay working.

Please contact me via email or by phone.

Thank you,

[Street Address, City, Zip]
[Area code] [Phone Number]
[Email Address]
[Tax ID]
[Business Name]
[Business Address]


>>>> END EMAIL <<<<<


The reason I would like for each of you to contact your local housing authority is so you can request other assistance that may come in the form of a grant or a loan to assist you with your housing costs which will in turn allow you to free up more working capital.

It's also motivated by H.R. 6800 which is in the Senate for Debate but excludes most all small business in the USA. The current housing assistance is based on income which will exclude many that earn more than Low Income which is 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) of your area.

The project follows HUD's national objective to prevent homelessness and it's also to follow HUD's objective to reduce housing debt burden. We all know a deferred loan or loan forbearance can and will often come back and bite harder than we expect especially when we are trying to recover from a disaster. HR 6800 appears to follow the HUD Disaster Interim Housing Assistance that actually will pay for your future rents and mortgages to include utilities to prevent you from becoming homeless. Their are limits but by offering HUD data with your Interim Housing Assistance application they may waive the cap for those that really spend more than I do. (Caps are $3,000 per month for 20 months after a declared disaster and requested by the States Governors)


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