Open and Honest communications between all members makes our team better.
When you ask a tradesman a question you expect that answer to be sincere and so do we. We are blowing our own horn of Truth in the Trades Industry that might take you by surprise. No more are we going to trust words. We want to see proof of your skills.

By Murray Wennerlund published 4-21-2014 updated 5-4-2022

When I started programming Truck and Tools I started with a simple plan.

"Bring people with Projects together in one place and offer them directly to people that have Trade Skills to complete the project."

Some sites offer referrals which you complete a form and they send emails and call the tradesman or contractor about the job. They then charge the tradesman or the contractor a fee for your phone number.

You may or may not hire the tradesman or contractor.

You might not hire any of them because of the price.

You may not share the prices they offered you and you can't get all of them into one place for a discussion on what really needs to be done.

Homeowners often are trapped in a bid war and they may not understand the contractors contract that clearly states if their are overages due to changes you will pay the difference. If you have ever worked with a contractor and have made a change you know it's going to cost you.

We take a different approach to the biding process. We want you to discuss the project with the tradesman or contractor before you hire anyone. We also what you to understand how you can hire them. Some contractors ask for money up front, some don't. Many Handyman services will offer labor and you must purchase the materials. They will often offer to haul the materials and even take you shopping for the materials, load and unload for a simple per hour fee.

Most homeowners don't realize they are a contractor as owner of the property and can hire sub-contractors to do the work without having to hire another person that claims to oversee all operations. Our articles may help you decide if homeowner contractor is the role for you. It could save you 25% on your total project costs by finding the sub-contractors you need.