Restore Pipeline Reports #46 June 16 to 22 2018
Restore Pipeline Reports 46 June 16 to 22 2018

By Writers Pool published 6-27-2018 updated 6-27-2018

Updated RestoreLA Numbers.
Please understand that I take the public numbers which Restore sends to the Governor and I make them into actual numbers based on what I hear you all talk about. I have not changed my formula since the first Pipeline report and see no change other than we are being denied at a faster pace and more people are dropping out of the $1.31 billion race to recovery pot of cash.
Keep in mind, the drop out rate of eligible homeowners increased which is allowing the state to calculate where it is going to transfer the Homeowners Assistance money overages.

Pipeline Report #45

53% Zero award, ineligible, withdrawn from program.
34% offered grants of which only 28% are executing the grant which means they are free and clear.

That's 28% getting money, 52% not receiving a dime and 6% the state is most likely fighting in appeals.

Just want you all to focus on what the real issues are.

Did you get your SBA and run out of money? Read HUDs national directive number 3.

Do you have a home without floors, working windows, walls, roof? read HUDs national directive number 2.

Do you earn less than 80% of AMI for your area? Read HUDs national directive number 1.

We just started my fight today, We are one of the 53% Zero award low income households and we're going to make this a very ugly fight for our share of the $1.31 billion recovery money.

SBA Loans, We are not going to be penalized for being intelligent with our money.