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"Low to Moderate Income disaster victims with good credit are denied HUD CDBG-DR Grant funds"

Issue: ...
Homeowners seeking "Hardship" grants that meet AMI 80% income levels and have good credit may be a victim of discrimination.

Credit worthiness can not be calculated as a form of income or used to offset an income. Your AMI 80% or less with Approved SBA Loan amounts does not declare you as having a 0% hardship case simply based on your ability to repay the added debt from SBA.
It appears Restore is calculating the "Ability" to repay a SBA loan as the ability to repair without CDBG-DR Grant funds.
Restore has not conducted a financial hardship study based on the fact Restore has only income and credit report information and no actual expenses and debt information for the household.

What you will need to prove you match the issue.
1. Tax year 2015, 2016 Gross household total income (not individual taxes or incomes)
2. Credit Score if known.
3. Denied hardship appeal by the OCD-DRU (Restore)
4. Your SBA Loan approval letter.
5. 3 months expense report. (Use the living on percentages xlsx I updated.)